Wednesday, June 08, 2011

makes me happy

Cards make me happy.
I have a stack of them that I have saved over the years.
Cards and the givers are forever in our hearts.
The messages are personal and uplifting.
A card can change the way one might chart their dreams or beliefs.
These are vintage Flavia cards and they make me happy.
This time of year I love giving cards to brides, graduates, to teachers and those who are celebrating another revolution around the sun.
Some people deserve special cards, right!
It makes me happy.


Ann said...

Love cards too...

I can't bear to throw them away,
I keep them forever ♥

Formerly known as Frau said...

I love cards like these....especially for no reason our than to let someone know they matter. That makes me Happy too!

My Notting Hill said...

Especially love that first card. Makes me want to get on a bike and keep riding!

Unknown said...

with all this technology cards have slipped by the way side a bit. i love to recieve a card especially if its out of the blue means someone cares. Every now & again ill buy a card for a friend & send it if i havent seen much of them just to let them know im there said...

I love getting beautiful cards with heartfelt messages and even a personal little sketch on the envelope or inside. :)

It's always such a fun surprise to hear from someone the old fashioned way.


Unknown said...

I have been known to pick up cards and stash them for the "righ" moment! I've been sending out birthday and graduation cards lately. Tis the season!

xo Elizabeth

Purple Flowers said...

I love cards, especially Flavia ones. She has a way of enlightening and lighting ones heart.

I Dream Of said...

I remember Flavia! What a beautiful collection you have. I love getting and receiving cards and a pretty boxes devoted to them -- revisiting them on a rainy day makes me happy!

Joyce said...

You know me friend I love happy things that come in the mail from a friend. AND you know I save them. :-)

One just never knows how much a card with a special note would make someone's day brighter.

Enjoy my friend! xo

Unknown said...


I love sending cards too...I don't get them but the gift is in the giving...isn't it? Love Flavia, Mary Engelbreit, Marjolein Bastin and many more who illustrate love to send.

I use technology to capture a great photo or illustration and add it to an email and send a card also. My nephew (5 yrs) and my niece (3 yrs) were so excited to get Valentine's Day, Easter and Birthday cards in the mail. I like to share the importance of compassion through emotional connections. It makes me happy too!


Unknown said...

So right you are! I love your selection and I love special cards as well! Love to send them and to receive them!
I have bunches collected over years!

Moments and Impressions said...

I have a drawer full of cards... just waiting for the moments that need some handwritten words. Love that bicycle card... great message.

The Buzz Blog said...

What a wonderful collection with beautiful thoughts! I love cards too and have some PVE on hand for my notes...

Kate Lewis said...

oh, i love to send cards too. Love this collection!

Claudia Lane said...

totally agree's modern wisdom at its best :)
Have a great day
Claudia xo

Karena said...

There is nothing so special as a heartfelt note or letter!

Art by Karena

Tamra {ever swoon} said...

Good paper and messages are so important. my biggest advice is not to skimp so badly on the paper it looks not well thought out. These invites are perfect bc you can make them how you want on wt. etc.

xoxo tamra