Thursday, June 09, 2011

nice cream

We are anticipating a 100 degree day.
The heat makes me scream for some nice cream!
How about you, what do you scream for?


Formerly known as Frau said...

So cool and hydrated PVE! I couldn't live without AC in that heat! Nice cream love that cream certainly hits the spot overtime!

Joyce said...

What a "nice" name for an ice cream! I haven't heard of it. I will keep an eye for it in my corner. Ice cream always makes everything seem happier and nice on a hot summer day. Enjoy!!

Susan McClaskey said...

Ahhh, nice favorite food group.

Karena said...

Same weather her Patricia with high humidity!!

Anything refreshing sounds good and I love Ice Cream!

Art by Karena

Hill Country House Girl said...

Yum. Love the name, the colors and the packaging. In our neck of the woods we indulge in Blue Bell ice cream, and it, too, is "nice cream"...... except for those dang calories!!!!

the gardener's cottage said...

it's cool and foggy here these days, june gloom, we call it.
i've been screaming for pie!


ps - thinking of your sis.

I Dream Of said...

I'll be thinking cool thoughts for you, Patricia. I think ice cream is a great distraction. Lavender vanilla??? Yum!
Drink lots of water with that ice cream!

Purple Flowers said...

I've been drinking slushy lemonade. It's so refreshing.

Moments and Impressions said...

I love shaved ice... but this nice cream is too sweet!

Visual Vamp said...

Oh honey here in NOLA I could take a bath in that pretty stuff!
xo xo

LindsB said...

hahah, that name is so cute! mmm the lavender kind looks delish!