Wednesday, June 15, 2011

platt pleasures

loving this collection of green bowls
As an artist, I not only admire other artist's work but I can always look at the pleasure not only in their faces but in their hands.
Pottery is her pleasure.
You can see it in her hands and her beautiful smile.

"I became a potter because I like the process and the product. I like the feel of clay when it is moist and malleable and when it resists what I want to do with it. I look for simple forms that are pleasing to the eye and touch and for glazes that enhance rather than compete with the function. I enjoy making things that have to do with food, its presentation, and the pleasure of eating."

Joan Platt makes stunning platters and one of a kind artful designs that are simply natural in form and in color.

I contacted Joan for an interview and she replied that "she did not know what a blog was as she is from another time." I am in hopes that you will take a look at Joan's work and then leave a comment for her. It would be my pleasure to share your comments. What would you like to know about Joan and her work? Perhaps your comments might entice her to delve into blog land! Can you tell me what would you like to have from Joan Platt's pottery line?

I love these large fish platters.
What a presentation they would make for serving and sharing a pleasurable meal.

17 comments: said...

I loved that article and have saved all those beautiful photos too. Guess what, I used to be a potter - It was my first artistic passion:) I always think when I get more time I'll get back into it.

I would choose her plates. How sweet of you to give her support and a nudge.

13threads said...

The complete tableware set, please! Gorgeous!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Beautiful pottery...I would love the bread bowl, floppy plate and fish one too. My question for Joan is I love all the colors you do, they are beautiful and rich. Why just three colors? And have you have considered adding a color say blue?

The enchanted home said...

Beautiful pieces....and you can see that they are made with so much love and a true passion for the craft which always is awe inspiring to me. Love those green bowls too...just gorgeous!

Joyce said...

I LOVE the photo of her hands holding her creation!! I haven't visit yet to see what I would like, but I already know I would love to have anyone of her pieces. Her clay work gives me the feeling of earth and nature AND you know how much I love being among the trees! Simply beautiful!!

Thank you Patricia for sharing. Not only would it be a treat to own a piece of her art, but to visit her studio. Don't you just love her studio doors?! xo

I Dream Of said...

Thanks for introducing us to Joan. It's so inspiring to see someone creating something so beautiful straight from her passion. I love something homemade on my table, and those trays would be the perfect addition.

I'm curious where Joan's inspiration for the shapes and forms she creates come from. Is it the natural world? Or what feels right in her hands?

Gretchen O. said...

Her work is just beautiful...and if anyone can cajole someone into the world of blogging it would be you, my dear:) Her bowls remind me of some my mother did for me a few years ago.

pve design said...

People...what is even more incredible is that Joan is up there in her numbers. I mean who is counting when you can just find happiness in clay!

The French Tangerine said...

I like the floppy bowl and the spaghetti server... Great titles! And that gorgeous green color is my fav! Looks like my background color!
Thanks for introducing!

Summer is a Verb said...

Sign me up as a fish platter fan too! Perf for serving my go-to crowd pleaser, Martha's poached whole salmon. Always seems a smidge too bridal luncheon-y on a footed silver tray...XXOO

Moments and Impressions said...

Oh love the octagon platter and the fish platter. That jade green is so yummy. I love her smile.

Stephanie Sabbe said...

you are so awesome for contacting her. at least she did not have the same response as Julia Child:)great post!

the gardener's cottage said...

dear patricia,

i love the photo of her in the doorway to her studio. she is quite stunning. also, her website is so simple and beautiful, very much like her pottery. i love the cafe au lait bowls. i can just imagine grabbing one of them ea morning.

also, my dear, i just received my drawing in the mail today and i'm overwhelmed by its beauty. i cried when i saw it. this past month has been so stressful and to receive this in the mail today just made everything a little better. i think the black mat is amazing and now i want to frame it in a bamboo type frame. i love it a million times over. i feel so privileged to own it. thank you from the bottom of my heart. i hope you and your sister are doing well. i hope to be back blogging soon. take care patricia and thank you again.


Gail, northern California said...

I would love to know and see more of that studio of hers. It's history and reason it was selected.

Privet and Holly said...

The bowls are
divine, as is
the door to her
studio....kind of
a tease...would
love to see more
of both!
xx Suzanne

Unknown said...

I'm not sure if it was the movie, Ghost, or what that made me crave to try my hand at a potters wheel! I love the clay creations my children bring home from school and think how fun to try and make my own.

Love her work --- what fun every day must be!!
xoxo E

CREED said...

I can't get over the studio,,,those steel doors,,what a dream space!! As for her work,,,,um i'll take the entire collection please, love it all. I've been completely obsessed with pottery lately, particularly dinnerware like this that's very organic looking. My friend was recently looking into pottery classes and believe it or not,,all the classes were booked up for the coming fall and winter sessions....