Saturday, September 06, 2008

t'is the gift to be simple

People who truly know me, know that I love to give.   I believe in giving and simply sharing with others.  Very often, I am lucky to barter with other artists.
Raised in Kentucky, one of my favorite spots to visit has always been here.
Be sure to watch the video clip on the site, Ashley Judd loves it there too.
A road less traveled to Shaker Village takes me to a simpler place and time.
They too believed in simple gifts.

A visit to Shaker village, where one is kindly welcomed.

Autumn foliage, noble red barns, blue-grass and more white fences are the landscape here.

Finding beauty in natural colors, corn, lemon, beet, sage and bees wax.

Beautifully hand crafted items provide practical applications, spiral staircases, bowls for lemons for making Shaker Lemon Pie.

A spot to lay your weary head and to dream or giving.
T'is the gift to be simple, t'is the gift to be pure.
Give something from the heart and in return expect nothing.


heidi said...

I'm stuck on the shaker lemon pie... how yummy must THAT be???

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for taking me on a lovely "vacation."

annechovie said...

hi Patricia! my parents took me to that Shaker Village when i was about 8. I remember being so happy to finally arrive just as I was about to be car sick! My grandmother is a native Kentuckian, too. Have a great wknd!

pve design said...


will post that recipe for the shaker lemon pie!

you would love it there and I would love to see the photos upon your return.

knew you had some kentucky blue grass blood in you somewhere down the line.
enjoy your weekend too!


Tara said...


I ahve always been struck by the simplicity of this lifestyle! Just gorgeous!

Thank you so much for your concern while I was off a few weeks with my dad..hope your "little guy" (and they are little again to us when they are ill!) is feeling better now...makes you realize how important people are to us. Wishing him well as school begins!


N said...


I must go find me a recipe for that shaker lemon pie...sounds delish.

Kwana said...

Just Lovely!

Emily said...

Lovely sentiments. It is a gift to live simply and think of others without expecting anything in return. Thank you for another pick me up today (or rather, this evening!). Love the pics of Shaker Village. They are beautiful.

Kim said...

I just can't get over how much I love my sketch - THANKS!!

pve design said...

oh good, you can relate to how we artists fret and worry over other our work!
thrilled that you love it!

la la Lovely said...

So pretty... and serene. You are right about the giving.... I think it is better to give than receive!

littlebyrd said...

I love these images you've posted. So nice, very very nice!

erika said...

yes! yes! yes! love the Shaker Village... I have very distinct memories of my parents taking my sister and I there when we were in middle school... I LOVE the architecture and the simple lives they lead!

Easy and Elegant Life said...

What is it about fences on property in the country? I could stop and stare for hours. They inevitably elicit a response from Mrs. E. when we pass by. Especially those "x" shaped (split timbre?) numbers. I think they remind her of the pony pastures of her youth.

Mrs.French said...

stunning simplicity...ahhh.....