Thursday, September 18, 2008

lucky annechovie

Happy Birthday to Annechovie today!  This is her lucky day.
Let's all meet for a picnic on the beach.

compact reads, "Her proudest achievement was staying blonde"

...and this compact to check out how gorgeous you look!

How about some arm candy to keep you colorfully on schedule!

Pop this fun favor!  After all, trinkets are fun at any age.
Maybe these little treasures would be inside.

after too much sun....

image from doucette duvall for a few rides and some cotton candy!
Oh-  we have to win a goldfish!

Wish Anne a happy go lucky birthday!


Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Well...what a GREAT day!!! Happy birthday to Annechovie from me too!!

annechovie said...

Thank you so much for your thoughtful, sweet and colorful post, Patricia! What a nice surprise and a big hug to you!
(Thank you, Linda, also!)

Joyce said...

Have a golden birthday Anne! Enjoy your day created just for you and don't forget to eat lot of birthday cake!!

Patricia I love birthdays so I can't wait to order the bday hat!!

pve design said...

is that b-day hat the best!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Happy Birthday to Anne, from both Edward and myself!!

rebecca said...

What a fun post! Party hats for all!
Happy birthday, Anne!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I realize that it's Anne's birthday, but after opening my delightfully beautiful mail, I feel as though it is mine! Patricia, you are amazing. This painting of Edward is just beyond wonderful and we can't thank you enough!

Watch for a special thank you from Edward himself very soon! You are the best and you've made our day!

Eileen said...

Happy Birthday Annechovie!!
Patricia you are always so creative.

Emily said...

What a cute post! And I love your new colors of pumpkin and pink! Anne is a lucky lady to receive such a birthday gift!

annechovie said...

I am very lucky indeed! Thank you so much, Patricia. AND thanks to all of you for brightening my day!

pve design said...

You are most welcome - "Birthday Girl!"
Here's to a grand year ahead!