Friday, September 19, 2008

cup of bo cafe

One of my favorite things to do on friday while running errands and getting work done is to take a reprieve, meet a friend and enjoy a cup of "bo cafe."  Bo Cafe recently opened right here in Dobbs Ferry, NY and offers breakfast treats with soothing music and then in the evening it switches to coffee drinks and lively jazz.  When I pop in there, I feel as if I just made a quick jaunt to the city.
It has a mod decor with aluminum tables and nice lighting.  Next time you are in the area, be sure and stop at Bo Cafe.  Just look at this glorious table of treats from Bo Cafe!


Joyce said...

Oh Patricia may I come with on your Friday errands, may I please ... I wish I lived close by!!! The desserts look fab especially the huge round one covered in white. Is this a cake?
OK since I don't live close by while you have a "cup of bo" today raise your cup in silence for me and I toast to you a golden day!!

Emily said...

Yum! I love this post. I would love to jump on a fast train to this cafe :) I can see from the picture that they do a yummy macaroon, always a fav. Beautiful and fun illustration too. Have a fun Friday and enjoy a macaroon for me, please!

ALL THE BEST said...

That illustration is FABULOUS!!!

pve design said...

thought of you this morning as I was using a tile trivet that a friend gave to me from Morocco and I said, I bet "perfect beginnings" would like this one, Look for a scan of it coming your way today.

Yes, I did enjoy a healthy morning muffin and I will save some macaroons for you! Enjoy the weekend and hope you can come East sometime. We could meet there!

Thank-you! I know you would love this little spot.
Hope you are fine and your family in Texas is all dry and safe.

simply seleta said...

Why is it that I just *heart* all of your illustrations so much. Ommmm, cause you're GOOD!!! You always find a way to make even the most simple of things look tres chic.


My Notting Hill said...

I would like to have everything on that table!

pve design said...

I sketched that little "diddy" in Bo Cafe while having lunch one day with my son. The 2 gals really looked chic and as if they were getting so much solved over a cup of coffee.
Thanks for your kind comments.

pve design said...

my knotting hill-
yes, everything looks just like that in bo cafe-
sandwiches are great too.

Rachel said...

Genius idea! I would love to have a standing Friday coffee date - something to look forward to and a good way to unwind. Those desserts look absolutely delicious.

pve design said...

rachel -
if only you were here to join me with your camera to take lovely "food" shots!
thanks for stopping -

heidi said...

I'll take one of each! Will definitely stop by when I go up in that direction.

Lost in though said...
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Mrs.French said...

once again, a spot I would love to visit...the illustration is wonderful!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

This looks like the perfect Friday respite. And I adore the two ladies enjoying themselves! Wonderful illustration... I feel as though if I try really hard I can almost hear what they're talking about!

Happy weekend from both of us!

Elizabeth said...

Clearly, the clientele are chic! The food looks lovely, too.

N said...

See, now I have driven by that so many times and now I must go.

Thanks for the review! Looks yummy.
Great to see you today.

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Um...YUM! Bo looks like my kind of place. And your illustration is even more delicious looking!

Leciawp said...

Lovely post! I did a recent post of my west coast version of this - "Vivace". I love your blog.

Drew said...

Hi there, I work at Bo! I've been there since the first day--the place really does have a great vibe to it, they spared no expense with the decoration. I encourage your readers to stop by for some of our DELICIOUS desserts, especially the gelato (non-fat sorbetto, too!). Your illustration has me guessing who those regulars are. Hope you stop by again,


Fifi Flowers said...

Those treats look dangerous! Warning to Fifi... eat it today, wear it tomorrow...LOL!
Those treats are gorgeous! Cafe creme with a friend sounds marvelous... another note to self... listen to Patricia and enjoy some moments in a cafe... unfortunately Bo Cafe is too far... sigh!
ENJOY your weekend... Fifi

pve design said...

Next time I stop in, I will look for you!
Hope you enjoy your work there.

pve design said...

Everything in moderation. Indulge once in a while!
You can always think of it as inspiration!

Fifi Flowers said...

That photo would make a great illustration... maybe in your spare time you could do it... would love to see it!

Kwana said...

Oh I love this illustration! I'm grinning. Now I feel the need to really dress for the next coffee outing.

JoAnneBNA said...

What a fun post. You have held your beauty since age 22, but I bet most of it radiates from within. Happy Day! -J.

Kim said...

Okay - if I could only reach into that screen and grab a few of those . . . . I must be hungry!