Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Circle of Influence

PvE Design - hand painted youth chair , inspired by the Mandala

Each of us have a circle of influence that we are connected to symbolically.  

Carlton Ridge - Artist and Designer
In third grade, my teacher Carlton Ridge made a huge impression on me when she wore a Sari to class which she had purchased when she traveled to India.  

Carlton Ridge Design
Carlton Ridge also designed amazing pieces of jewelry for Sutton Hoo -that were inspired from nature.  If you sported one of her designs, well, immediately you were in the "circle of Carlton." 

 PvE Design - hand painted youth chair

Several years ago, a friend came to me with a special job to paint a chair for a teacher who was adopting a baby from India.  My friend was specific in her request that the chair should be painted with Jewel Tones and somehow have a design with an Indian influence.  At the time, I was not familiar with "Mandala" - a sanskrit word conveying to the wholeness of the universe.
Painting a design in a circle has a meditative quality which is therapeutic as well.  Often, I wonder how each of us are connected, standing in a circle, inspiring and influencing one another to see the Universe as a whole.  

I now think of this chair, and that child surely must be off to school and meeting new teachers and making friends and opening her life to a circle of influence reaching far and wide.   


Kim said...

that chair is beautiful!

pve design said...

often, I look back and wonder how I did things while nursing and chasing twins.
really, women are truly amazing...sorry fellas - you know we love you.

Joyce said...

Patricia- the chair is beautiful! It is truly is a golden moment with a stroke of your brush you create a master piece!
I love the idea about the circle and how it connects...
I noticed you changed your blog colors to one of my favorite colors- purple!

pve design said...

I change my blog colors to work with my daily posts, like paint on a wall, my signature to change and keep things fresh. Try to paint a "Mandala" - there are secret health benefits in doing so!
Yes, I love shades or purple, aubergine-"eggplant"-
lilac,lavender and thistle!
Enjoy another Fall-ish day!

Kwana said...

That chair is so beautiful. Your illustrations are so breathtaking that I forget how amazing your furniture is. Such heirloom pieces.

pve design said...

You know, everyone should be so fortunate to have a friend like you who always looks for the good and reinforces the positive. If my memory serves me, it was you who said, "Your illustrations are where it's at" and I have focused much more on them rather than the decorative painting.

Emily said...

Very nice post. It is amazing how the world is connected, and I love the explanation of the details on the chair. Beautiful chair. And I agree - it is amazing what us girls can accomplish with children, work (whether at home or away from the home front), and keeping a happy home! Thanks Patricia.

Unknown said...

Love this, it's just beautiful!

Rachel said...

That chair is so lovely! What a talent you have.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

It must be wonderful to imagine that magical little chair being passed down through the generations of that family! What child wouldn't be delighted with that charming little red seat to call their very own!

N said...

Wow. And here I never even knew the furniture thing.

You are amazing...that chair is stunning. What a lucky little one.

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