Sunday, September 28, 2008

pamper me

"Cholo" posing on white leather sofa - Courtesy of Visual Vamp

Illustration by pve design for "Cholo"

The life of a coquette would be the life for me.  I always remark to many that "I shall be returning as a dog in my next life" - for they truly know how to live.  Meet "Cholo" - lounging on this divine nail-head trimmed, white leather clad settee.   Cholo is posing for a glamour shot and living the life of luxury.

Illustration of "Cholo" in the dressing room by pve design

Back to the dressing room for a little "primping", for an all day photo session.  Take a look at how happy "Cholo" is seated on this wild leopard chair, fit for any beast.  A dressing room with lots of wonderful props to play dress-up and pamper one  prior to going out for a walk on the town.
Interiors and coquettishness are Courtesy of Visual Vamp who has a delightful blog and I wanted to give thanks for a wonderful post last week on pve design.  
Visit and pamper your inner visual vamp.  Get your flirt on!


heidi said...

what a sweet portrait!!!

Kwana said...

I'd like to come back as Cholo too. What a sweet life.

pve design said...

portraits of pooches living the life of riley make me want to do an illustrated book...
do you have a fabulous dog or are the twins begging for one?

or as jack, he has a good life too.
we love the way he sets the tone for your daily blog posts...

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Cholo...the perfect accesory!!

What a great portrait!

Joyce said...

Oh yes a book of pups would be grrrreat! Miss C is one very lucky pup!!

Our UPS man and friends tell me all the time how they want to come back as one of my dogs. LOL...
Our Kelly (Lakeland terrier) sleeps on our bed at the foot of the bed (or between us at times)on her own comforter! We even have a tiny pillow hanging on the bed post that says "princess".

As always thank you for sharing your beautiful illustration!

JoAnneBNA said...

love the settee!

Living the life in The Little City said...

An illustrated book of dogs living the life of Riley! Sign my three dogs right up!

Really, I love the dog illustrations you do best of all.

Thanks for brightening the day.

Ms. Tee said...

Cholo is too cute! Our cat is very pampered, too. :)

Visual Vamp said...

Aw shucks!!!
Thank you so much for featuring my little boy. You captured him (and his home) to perfection!
And please, you must do a book!!!
Have you ever seen a book of photos called The English Dog At Home?
Well I think you should really do a book of Dogs in Decor!!!
And you are very welcome anytime on my blog, or in Cholo's home :-)
PS To Joyce, Miss C is Mr. C! Cholo is Spanish slang for "liitle punk".

pve design said...

thanks, and you are making me hungry, lime and coconut...sounds yummy.

joyce -
send me a photo of your lucky pooch and I shall draw him on his special blanket snuggled in betwixt and between, funny - how they enter into our beds and our hearts!

ms. tee-
cats remind me of accessories, you can never have too many. bet your kitty is the cat's me-ow!

val -visual vamp
dogs and decor - leave it to you, visual seductress to just tempt me to do so, an illustrated one would be fun, decorators and their loves of dog and decor.
glad you like them, and hope to send some visitors your way, especially to see that fabulous hamptons home. ooh la la!

London Calling said...

So charming- the setee AND your illustration!

Rachel said...

Love the glamor shots! That settee is perfect.

72 and sunny said...

lucky vis vamp! those are great!

Elizabeth said...

That dog has it better than I do! ;) LOL

pve design said...

indeed, cholo is pampered pooch, what a life!
perhaps cholo does the "tango" too.

Capegirl said...

Lucky pets one and all-loved by their companions and beautifully rendered by an artist who makes the viewer want to crawl into the picture. My two rescue dogs, Liberty (best known as Libby) and Lady live the lives of pampered princesses!

But I do miss my childhood pet, which by all accounts was somewhat of an unsusal pet-a ram.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

The life of Cholo reminds me that I need a pedicure! Lovely painting, as usual, Patricia!

Marnie said...

nice piece by visual vamp

pve design said...

do you have a dog?

Jaimee McClellan said...

What fun sketches!
I love them.

Unknown said...

This really gives a new meaning to A Dog's Life. Love it!

pve design said...

mary jo -
yes, the life of cholo is sweet.

Loretta Fontaine (EcoHappy Blog) said...

Patricia- Ah! Found him! What a handsome boy he is. My heart is already lost on this breed...