Monday, September 22, 2008

secret admirers

PvE Design Illustration - a seat for "Mrs.Blandings"
Do you remember your first secret admirer and that special feeling?  Blogging is like joining a mutual admiration society.  Well, I know that I have an audience or admirers who visit me too and I am doing a sort of "focus group."  This week will be devoted to hearing from my audience, and getting to know what you want, what you like and why?  Pull up a chair, this is a long one.

Let me begin by saying that my foray into the blogging arena was an accident of sorts.   I was led to "All the Best" and immediately thought, this wonderful blog needs an illustrated header (which I did!)  From there to many other "favorite blogs" and rapidly I was like Alice in Wonderland and down the blogging hole in a matter of "clicks."

PvE Design Illustration for "Mrs. Blandings" 
What an incredible journey it has been!  I have made friends all over the world and connected to an amazing power.... a higher power of creativity and inspiration.  
Only one year ago, I began blogging.  I began talking about my interest in starting a blog and then my aspiring writer friend came over, held my hand and in a matter of minutes I was a "blogger."   I agreed to illustrate her header to thank her for helping me set up my own blog.

I have had the fortune to design headers for blogs that I love to visit and have become part of my morning routine.  Visiting other blogs is just like taking a trip from place to place, from London to Brooklyn limestone.

PvE Design Header for "My Knotting Hill" Blog

The beauty is that one can visit as often as one likes, no formal invite needed and one can visit from anywhere and the best part is there are no metal detectors or long lines, nor countless hours til departure.  One can be whisked away, and arrive at an inspiring spot in a matter of clicks.  
PvE Design Illustration for "My Knotting Hill"
PvE Design Illustration of "Brooklyn Limestone"
So tell me, in your words, what are you looking for when you visit?  I know that I have an audience of admirers who love my illustrations, my sincerity, and the way I am devoted to posting.  Through the act of developing my blog and posting daily I have learned a lot about myself and quickly building a following.  Please leave a comment and tell me in a few words, what you are looking for when you visit pve design.  Tell me what you secretly want and why you visit?  


Kwana said...

Wonderful post Patricia. Thanks for the shout out. This is a tough one. I'd hate to put you in any sort of blog corner. I feel you should be free. I of course come for your amazing illustrations but also love your thoughts on design and style.

Darby said...

When I see PVE design on my "google reader" list... I immediately think... "I can't wait to see what her new creation is". My mind immediately runs to your talent and creativity and I am always inspired and intriqued by your ability to capture such beautiful things. You make it seem so easy. Like you just sit down and it happens in a matter of minutes. Maybe that's how it goes? Ahhh haaa... I know what I'd like to see... I would love to see the progression of one of your sketches! If you would be willing to show us the different stages of your work. We seem to always see the final product and I would love to see it every step of the way! Maybe you've done this... I'm a fairly new reader. But that's what I would love. Oh... and it would be fun to see your "work station/studio" to see where it all goes down! :) -- Darby {Erika @ Urban Grace's sister}

HOUSES, INK said...

Hi Patricia-

I have read you blog since day one!
Like you I am an artist. I do home illustrations in pen and ink...although I dont have a website or blog. I know I need to!!!
I like the variety of things you post about. Keep up the good work!!

pve design said...

oh, so right you are, that would be horrible to be put in a corner so I guess I should be careful for what I ask. Creative thought does need freedom to roam and it is after all, connected in so many facets of design and lifestyle.

your words really hit home, I shall post about the progress or lack of on a post. great idea - thanks!
So often I see the end before I even begin and sometimes, I need to just let it take it's course and
be free so the work is loose and not to "up-tight!"
wow, what a lucky sister you are to have Erika and she likewise. Hope she sends "out-takes" to you, a faucet here, a fabric there...
what a creative bunch of graceful gals you are!

Dana -
Oh, you really should join the blog arena.
All in a matter of minutes, you can set one up and post.... a variety of things! Right you are that variety is the spice of life!

rebecca said...

I just love when PVE pops up at the top of my blog list so I can tune in and check out your latest creations!

I agree, I'd love to hear more about how you work, your process, how you come up with your ideas! Maybe some studio pictures? :) I love a good studio picture. I'm in studio envy, since we live in a cracker jack box of military housing for the time being.

annechovie said...

Love all your headers, Patricia! I had never seen "London Calling" before. That's my favorite. I love to keep up with your latest work and your posts are truly entertaining!

Joyce said...


Putting an artist in a corner is like a bird with no wings so my vote is to continue to be free and follow the moment.
I agree with Darby it would be fun to see the process of how your illustrations come to life.
I too enjoy visiting your blog to see the treasure you created for the day.
I have a tiny silly question- Are all of your illustrations only for banners for blogs? Or can they be on paper to frame? Oops that was 2 tiny questions. smile...

Janet said...

I visit to see what you are working on. I agree it would be fun to see the progression of your work. Your illustrations are so happy and upbeat I look forward to seeing new ones.

Living the life in The Little City said...

I stop in to see the latest illustrations - they are always wonderful and impart good feelings. But, that's not the only reason I read your blog. I like what you have to say and how you say it.

Mrs. Blandings said...

Oh, Patricia, the all of it. The illustrations and the peak into your life. So glad you joined the gang.

Sabina said...

I did not know that you did the design for "all the best" -- I've always loved that header!! What talent!!

Your blog is very appealing. I can see why many others love to stop here. You are bookmarked for return visit!!

Sabina ~

please sir said...

Amazing round-up of blogs - new links for me too - thanks!

erin said...

so many pretty paintings done with heart. It must be so hard to capture someone's home in an instant like that... do you ask people questions to know them better, about light, seasons, location, who they are and how they live the houses you illustrate, or do you go on gut feelings from photos? great blog... even greater talent!

pve design said...

oh and to think you inspired me too-
thanks for all your kindness along the way.

pve design said...

sweet life -
a house is not a home til it has life til it has been lived in. homes are like people, all unique and original.
when a house comes to me, I feel the walls, the floors and all the living going on.
thanks for your visit all the way from Italy

Mrs.French said...

honestly, I come to your blog simply because it is beautiful...your illustrations, your words, you impeccable taste and your kindness keep me coming back. I feel as if you are a perfect combination of all of these elements which is why you are stuck with me.

Anonymous said...

How sweet of you!!! Those headers are amazing- you have the best style! Hope all is well with you Patricia- still thinking about your son and hope he's recovering quickly!

pve design said...

mrs. french -
suddenly oregon seems so much closer.
your words are bliss to my ears.
pressure is on... tee hee.

michelle and winston,
woof to you both! son is getting so much better -
he is in school now 1/2 days with PT and tutoring to get caught up, I know he can do it! (especially with a Mom like me!)

Anonymous said...

I like your art, and your variety, i.e. The Chantilly post was really wonderful! I think we share the same aesthetic, so even though you are new to me, I think we have a kinship. Also because of our ages! Stay true to YOU, and the bloggers will follow.

Unknown said...
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Capegirl said...

Your work and words are a daily inspiration. Someday I keep promising to try blogging...but what could I possibly have to say?
Your beautiful illustration for my daughter's wedding thank you notes gives my family great joy.

Rachel said...

I read blogs for inspiration. I love your pen and ink drawings in particular, and even though I can barely draw, you inspire me to keep being creative in other ways. Your writing is lovely, too!

Marnie said...

i love to see all the illustrations - keep up the great work - you are good to be committed to daily posts - i always remember your advice - if you don't post regularly, then people will stop visiting; just like if you are never home people will stop calling or dropping by. keep up the wonderful work

pve design said...

ah, thank you for visiting and for your kind comment.
Blogging begins with a simple tap into a topic that you love and begin to flourish on that subject.
good to know that the wedding notes are utilized as well as appreciated!

pve design said...

rachel -
I feel the same way about your photos - they inspire me to illustrate with pen. T'is good to know that we both have our own instrument or weapon of choice.
carry on blogging with heart.

CC said...

Patricia, I love this post! I discovered your blog through another blog and have been hooked ever since. Many of the blogs that I visit have home decorating posts....However, your warmth and sincerity captured me from day one. You are so kind, genuine, and real.....Your blog spot just makes me happy! :)

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I think you are an amazing talent and I visit each day to see what you are currently thinking about and working on. I have always had a passion for the art of the illustration, with a huge collection of illustrated books to prove it. Finding your beautiful blog was like finding a wonderful new little book everyday that I'd never seen before and I look forward to coming here each morning.

Edward, however, just thinks that you are a very nice and pretty lady who made his mother smile an awful lot when she painted his lovely portrait for us to keep forever! He is always happy when I am happy, so he likes for me to visit your site each morning as well.

Elizabeth said...

I'm always looking for your beautiful illustrations, and boy, did I get a big dose of that joy today.

I also look for your comments, the ones that illustrate the illustrations, if you will, the ones that paint out the rest of the mood or sentiment you're trying to convey.

I am always pleased and happy after I read your posts. And I always find what I want. :D

I love all those headers. Very nice work, Patricia.

pve design said...

thank-you. I never imagined when I began this blogging journey of literally opening up my portfolio and sharing it, the joy that I would receive in return is bountiful.
so glad to have you visit and to leave me such kind comments.

pamela & edward,
oh, now I have such wonderful visions of you and edward visiting me every morning through a window or port, and I see edward licking the computer screen looking for treats.
feelings are mutual for your flora and fauna of words which are music to my artwork.

each time you comment, I say, this gal makes me want to sign up to get in tip top shape and run.
I know if you were here or I there, I would pay you in artwork, for master training classes.
your comments are "endorphin" produces!

Kim said...

What a wonderful post! I love seeing your designs, all those wonderful illustrations, they are the best! I also like to read about your family - it is fun and interesting to see how you keep it all together {since I get asked that all the time!} And just the fact that I'm plain nosey! Just another way for us all to take a peek into others' lives!

London Calling said...

You know which is my favorite;) Of course. FYI this post inadvertently linked to another London who seems quite sad. Poor dear. My blog is Thank you for the mention.

Kate F. said...

Hello there! I only discovered your blog this week after you made such lovely comments on mine. I am blown away by your talent--I am taking a drawing class this term and am working hard to develop my own style; I always admire the sort of sketched line drawings like yours. I'm too literal or something; I can't let go and so everything looks too tight. Agh. Anyway, I love your work and your blog! And I didn't realize I had been seeing your work all over the internet--those are many of my favorite blog headers.
-Kate F. from Kate F., Girl Reporter

littlebyrd said...

Wow! Look at the wonderful illustrations you've done for people - they are great. I come here for inspiration. There is always something new and fresh, from furniture, throwing a party, illustration, travel, family...the list goes on.


For me its like reading a book and waiting with excitement to turn the next page only in this book ( your blog) there are incredible pictures!!!!! I enjoy every day of it! Maybe its time for me to look into a new Collard Green Queen header.... mines looking a little lame when I see all of these wonderful examples-

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

I love popping by to see what your newest creation is, but I love the added "bonus posts" on your, travel, style. I love when you use your illustrations to, well, illustrate your "other" posts. And I love your pen and ink work.
Long story short: I love coming here and wouldn't change a thing. :-) I kind of like that you post about what strikes your definitely shouldn't pigeonhole yourself into any one thing. You're locked in my Google Reader (now if I only had more time to spend on Google Reader...though that could be dangerous...)

Mrs. Limestone said...

Sorry Ive very late to this but what a great post.

I like to read them all but I love to see your posts on what inspires you. You are such a talent and a generous spirit, its nice to know people like you are out there :)

joan said...

Hi Patricia!

I do love your blog and to my mind it is the best one written and illustrated if one were to put you in the box of Design Blogs. But, your blog is more than that because of your stunning ability to bring this reader in to your life with the nobility of your written words and the charm of your illustrations. No braggadocio, no pretense. Just humility.

Your blog is very personal without it being personal. You offer just enough of a glimpse in to the more personal side of your life. An example: when you wrote about the illness/recovery of your sons you gave just enough detail. What came through, without your really saying it and without any whining for sure, was the pain and the relief you felt when all is getting back to normalcy. I’ve been there and we’ve all been there and you share a bit—just enough—of your life without your evoking or seeking pity.

Your words, whatever you’ve chosen to write about (a special house, a chair, a special person in your life, and so on), draws this reader in every day and then I spend time reflecting on your words as it relates to my life and the special things and people that have brought me to where I am today. Or more simply, reading your blog makes me in to a more humble person in this frenetic & consumer crazed world we now all live in.

Don’t change a thing that you are doing!!!

Brilliant Asylum said...

Just keep on doing what you do. I personally love to see your drawings and to read about the inspiration behind them. You are a talented lady!

pve design said...

joan -
whoever you are, where ever you are.... thank you so much for your sincere comments. I wonder if you have a blog...
personal but not too personal of a question.
comments are like a bellows fanning the fire...

Karena said...

Patricia, Having recently created a blog,( and yes I may need a special header) I found you through Mrs Blandings, a fellow Kansas Citian. I love art and design, and being an artist and marketing director I am always looking for inspiration and people who bring joy into the lives of others. You and some of the other bloggers do that in a big way!

My Notting Hill said...

Such a nice post and so happy to be included w/these blogs I love to visit. I've been swamped w/work so I haven't been making my usual visits and I miss it! Also - loved your post w/the letter from your Gramma.

72 and sunny said...

Hi patricia,
I love your work. I think I first saw it on mrs. blanding's banner. I'm so glad to see that you've become a blogger too! Your writing is lovely.

Leciawp said...

I recently came across your blog via another. I love your posts that are a combination of your stunning illustrations and photography (for example, Chantilly and a Cup of Bo). Really, your blog is beautiful in every way and I always look forward to reading it.

lizziefitz said...

You are so amazing!~ I aspire to see the while world through PVE designs. Bloggers are always asking what kind of camera everyone uses? When I go to Paris at the end of the month ;I wish I could take PVE Design to capture every wonderful moment. Thank you for sharing your talent on blog world.

ALL THE BEST said...

I come to your blog because it's YOU! Of course I ADORE your illustrations, but it's you that keeps me coming back.