Wednesday, November 06, 2013

a reflective spot

 I had ordered the book AERO Beginning to now, by Thomas O Brien and when it arrived, I carefully unwrapped it and knew that it deserved time alone to lose myself in his collected style over a spot of tea.

There is a vintage quality yet a streamlined calm without being too pretentious or off putting.  His interiors are welcoming, warm and intriguing.
Over the years, I am learning that part of what inspires me are those that bring an air of grace and calm to my life.   Do you treat or reward yourself with simple treats, a new book, a cup of tea and then taking time to sit, to reflect and to look at life from another artisans eyes.  Now, I am ready to get back to work after taking a spot of tea and inspiration.

Congratulations to Andie of Divine Theatre blog on winning the Never give up pouch.


Karena said...

I find these quiet times so important to my sense of well being Patricia! This looks to be a very special book to curl up with.

The Arts by Karena

Sandy at You May Be Wandering said...

Your photographs are stunning, Patricia! I hope you got some quiet time to enjoy your book.


MJH Design Arts said...

I think that I need to learn to treat myself to special moments. O'Brien's new book is at the top of my Christmas list.
Wishing you a wonderful week-end.

Purple Flowers said...

Hi Patricia: I enjoy giving myself the time to sit and enjoy a hot cup of tea. In the warmer months I enjoy ice tea. Just the same, it welcomes me to quiet my mind, body and soul. This is becoming more of a ritual for me, after seeing all the fast paced cars race around me. Settling my warm hands around the tea mug, I instantly slow down.
Great subject.

Reyes said...

Hello, I saw your avatar in another blog and was intrigued by it (great photo!)and I was not surprised to find that your blog is just as lovely. Best, Reyes


i think i need a new book too-thx for the tip!!!!

Bruce Barone said...



What a beautiful post.

And, I do.

Jennifer said...

Those little rituals of calming are all too infrequent in my life these days. You have such a lovely way of expressing yourself. Enjoy your day.

BRASWELL said...

adore this book + grand post.

Jessica Ryan said...

beautiful... love the tray!!

Divine Theatre said...

I am so sorry! My modem died! Thank you so very much. I believe I will let my daughter use the puch for her writing implements so she will be reminded each time she reaches for them!



Unknown said...

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