Tuesday, July 14, 2009


pve with jessLC ( I snagged this photo of Jess and I)
Dining here with fellow blogger and entrepreneur Jess LC was indeed a highlight of my weekend in Chicago.  Jess is one of the most efficient bloggers who shares resources for designing a life with intention.  

Jess designs jewelry as well as provides small business advice, giveaway tips, scrumptious recipes all with the intent to design your best life.  Jess began her blog only in January as a way to journal her intentions.  I truly believe that Jess is working toward a book which will influence the expectations for a new type of social behavior.  Our actions can improve ones life through addition by subtraction.  I encourage you to email Jess with something that you would like to get rid of in order to make under your life.  Jess loves email and is the tops in netiquette.  I anticipate hearing great accomplishments about Jess in the future, she is not afraid to share nor to ask questions in order to design a life with powerful intentions. Intentional behavior can also be just thoughtful and deliberate goal-directedness.  Design a life of intention....and then tell Jess about your make under.  Trust me, it works!


Rachel Follett said...

Jess LC is fabulous! How wonderful that you got to meet up.

Purple Flowers said...

Some very kind words about Jess LC. I am glad you were able to talk with her.
Isn't Chicago a great city? I am glad you had a successful trip!

pve design said...

Thanks, yes Jess is fab and I was thrilled to meet her.
We were given a glass of sparkling proseco for sitting at the pizza bar - and I was a wee bit jealous when the waitress carded Jess. lol. I could be her Mom!
She is so sweet.

PF -
Chicago is a great city, it had been a few years since I was there...I hope to go back soon with my family.

Joyce said...

A sweet post about Jess LC. I have peaked at her blog, it is wonderful. You find the neatest blogs and the special people behind them. Thank you! From visiting your blog I have found some great treasures. xoxo

pve design said...

I like to think we are all in this together, here to offer share smiles as well as tears along the way...all in an effort to "live good!"
Even while we get lost or are headed along our various paths, it is much more special to be with one another.
You too have an incredible way of seeing good in life.

Debra said...

Sounds like a special evening spent. Amazing what this blog-world has given us.

We Blog Artists said...

Sounds like an incredible evening...so good to meet and chat with a person so intune with their surroundings!
What a great photo of you guys!

Cannelle Et Vanille said...

hi! in response to your lovely invite... i'd love to meet but i am only in nyc for 2 days and they are packed with baking, styling... i will be there again soon. maybe next time. thank you!

Melissa Blake said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog! I love yours -- I think it'll be a regular stop of mine! :)

littlebyrd said...

I love the idea of a "makeunder"! Your smiles in this picture show how much fun you were having :)

ArchitectDesign™ said...

one of my favorite cities -i was just there in fact!

Leciawp said...

I'm glad you had such a nice visit - Chicago is fabulous. Thank you for introducing me to a new blog. xoxo

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

My life could use a make under. Hoo boy, howdy, could it! That said, the purging has begun (in the form of cleaning closets, planning yard sales, donating to others) with the intent of designing a better (and simpler) life for myself.

pve design said...

Jess is an inspiration. Each of us need to address the emotional attachment to the things that we hang on to, but then when those "things" are gone, we quickly seem to come to terms and move on, a bit stronger and a bit lighter.

Crystal @ Plush Palate said...

What a lovely post! I too have been inspired by Jess - such a sweet, intelligent and motived gal! Thanks for sharing!!!