Friday, July 17, 2009

mr. & mrs.

Ladies and Gentleman, "Mr. & Mrs."
pve design artwork on display
One of the most magical transformations at a wedding are that of the bride & groom being announced as "Mr. & Mrs." This lovely young couple stood before me as I sketched deliberate
lines, known as "gesture drawing."  The culmination of all the plans for this day, finally the symbol of husband and wife to become one.  Is there anything else greater than showing the gesture of love.  They were nervous and full of sheer bliss.  I told them, "show your family and friends your genuine love." I present to you the wedding couple full of love, ready for many happily ever after moments.


Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

Oh I get goosebumps just thinking about this beautiful moment filled with such love and devotion!

A spectacular finale of a special beginning!

La Maison Fou said...

How funny that both our post tonight we were seeing black & white.
Have a great Friday!

Purple Flowers said...

Beautiful rendering of the bride and groom. Love the details in her gown.

Debra said...

...and they lived happily ever after with all of these beautiful illustartions in their home. Bringing back the memories of such a special day. Thank you for sharing this with us.

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

How lovely Patricia, you are going to be the next big thing for weddings. They will have you flying all over the place. It adds a whole other dimension to their memories. Have a great weekend.

pve design said...

If I need an assistant for my wrapping, I think you are my go-to-gal. Why an entire wedding could be based around one of your delightful wraps!

Dana said...

Patricia, I love your wedding sketches so much! The couple is going to adore them.
Would you recommend, those of us just starting out, work from photos or do you sketch on the scene?
I won't be going anywhere other than here in my town as I only have time for very little sketching work!
...but like Sande, I see you really taking off with this!
Love it!

Design Esquire said...

The illustration is just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Again, I stand in awe of your work. What a treasure.