Friday, June 15, 2012

wantful fathers

Did you ever stop to think how strong a want can be.
I am loving this site -wantful.
I found so many things for fathers day.
 Imagine creating a gift that will truly be something wanted.
 Just look at this brush and snazzy red box.
Trust me, you will find so many things to want at wantful.
click here at wantful


Formerly known as Frau said...

My hubby always wants the same and the day with family. Hope your Hubby has a wonderful Father's Day!

Joyce said...

My "wantful" is, if I could have one dream come true would to be to spend one more day with my daddy. Instead I will do what I have been doing since he has been gone on Father's Day, is to blow bubbles high towards heaven. Enjoy your weekend my sweet friend. xo

I Dream Of said...

What a clever site! My dad always says he has no "wants." So I try to get creative in coming up with little ways to let him know how much he is appreciated.
Hope you have a lovely Father's Day weekend, Patricia! XO

The Buzz Blog said...

Love this site and will have to use it next year as I have the hubby's present hidden away in a closet! Have a wonderful weekend, PVE.

Kwana said...

Very cool finds. Thanks.