Friday, June 01, 2012


Several years ago this lovely lady contacted me to illustrate her save-the-date.
During this month of June, I am devoting each and every post to special dates.
Pool Parties
Summer Parties
Date nights.
Love to have your input on some of your most successful celebrations and dates!


Unknown said...

I love that lovely top image--what a lucky girl to have you do her save the date!

xo Mary Jo

Unknown said...

I love that lovely top image--what a lucky girl to have you do her save the date!

xo Mary Jo

Joyce said...

I enjoy entertaining! My goal is to always make my guest feel special right down to the smallest details and send them home with a small party favor. I have hosted parties from 2- 60 in our home. 60 is tight but more the merrier. :)

The Buzz Blog said...

We'll be saving the date for a Labor Day party at the beach, fireworks included! But we still want to savor every day of summer... Hope you have a wonderful weekend, PVE!

Living Life in the Lowcountry said...

What a novel idea for a save the date!
Have a great weekend!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Love all the images...! I'm not much of an entertainer anymore...I miss those days sometimes and other times I don't miss the stress! Have a wonderful weekend!

I Dream Of said...

Such a fun save the date - and the illustration of the couple on the elephant is one of my favorites. I love that there are so many things to celebrate in June! It makes it such a happy month. Hands down my all time favorite celebration was our wedding weekend - it was a three-day party for the people we love most in the world. Can't get much better than that! Hope you have lots to celebrate in June! XO

The Visual Vamp said...

Lately, every date and day is special and save worthy.
xo xo

Acquired Objects said...

I think every day should be saved but for special occassions I've got nothing until the 4th of July, the husbands birthday!

Enjoy your weekend!

Unknown said...

Oh, those are so special!!! We're working on the annual Clam Bake at our beach's always 4th of July weekend and is the highlight of the summer. Orange and navy are the colors!

Keep 'em coming!!!
Hope you have lots to celebrate this weekend!
xoxo Elizabeth

Karena said...

Wonderful Patricia I am going to have to give this some thought!! Look forward to the series!!

Art by Karena

BRASWELL said...

So beautiful "save the date". We did a wedding for a dear friend + What a celebration that was!
Grand topic.

annie@mostlovelythings said...

I love your work...for any occasion!

Pat said...

I'm having a big 70 for the Mr. I met a new neighbor who does barbecues for the fun of it. The 10 yr old is bringing his " gods of rock" band. The other twin has his cello ready. And I've tracked down an old university friend (who introduced us) and he's flying in as a surprise. Lassize le bon temps roule.

Emily said...

The couple on the elephant is one of my favs! I just finished a birthday party for my daughter; it was a fun one - so fun to plan and watch as the girls have fun.

Pip Spiro (Boydell) said...

I love these Patricia - particularly the elephant one it's just divine. Particularly the wedding ones are the perfect thing to personalise with your heart-felt illustrations! xx

Michelle said...

LOVE these new commissions Patricia! The wedding ones are always my faves...but I love the hydrangea cards as well :) Hope you are enjoying your summer!!

Best, M