Monday, June 18, 2012

monday motivation - cooler than me

 Do you ever feel that everyone is cooler than you, dawg?

 At the business with intention workshop, this adorable gal said, 
"I feel like what I am doing is for the cooler than me person that I really am.  I am so not that person." Thanks Grace for opening up and sharing that.  It really meant a lot to me.  

 What is it that makes someone cooler than you
  You know what I am talking about.  I feel it everyday.  I know you do too.
Are the cooler than you things motivating or annoying?
 Could it be that they just have a way cool story bro?
Lots of fans, followers, friends on facebook, through the roof hits on their awesome site, tons of traffic, big time sponsors?  Major awards?  Awesome DIY's?  Latest techno gadget?
Bigger pecs, washboard abs?
 Is it that designer bag that makes them cooler than me and you?
Is it in the water?
 You know who I am talking about, right.
They just have style and pepper.
They have the cool thing going on and then you meet them and they are just as nice as they are cool.
 Some people are cooler than me.
Some people are funnier than me too.
But, there is something about those people.....when we're together, we're cooler.

I was so moved by Annechovie's post today and her so called glamourous weekend.  
I can relate to living the so called glamourous life.

We all need to stop comparing cool and just be.
That in itself is motivating, right!


Unknown said...

As I've grown and gained confidence I worry less and less about how "cool" certain things will make me seem. Or even how much cooler another person may be than myself.

The most important thing is to be a GOOD person. If I'm doing that, I know I'm doing alright. Anything else, is kind of a waste of time.

I say this - but I still have those moments (of course!) Great post, quite inspiring, thank you :)

The Buzz Blog said...

Loving yourself just the way you are is way cooler than cool... And it gives you the confidence to not compare yourself to others! We're more motivated by cool people as we admire their ability to just be. Love this post and will have to read about Annechovie's weekend!

pve design said...

I think even those people that we might think are cooler than us are really just deep down good people.
If only we could all buy a bit of cool confidence....but we all know that comes with growing and learning.
Off to check out your blog....I know it is gonna be good.

pve design said...

Buzz ladies-
Yes, I think even underneath the cool factor, once you get to know the real person - that is really what makes me love them. Cool quirks and all!

Unknown said...

I think the coolest people are the ones who are just happy with themselves! Here's to being our best selves!

You'll always be cool in my book, pve!
xoxo Elizabeth

Formerly known as Frau said...

Yes indeed! I always tell my daughter as she is rolling her eyes at really don't get how cool I am! hee hee!

Jennifer C. Webb said...

ha love this. My sister and I just recently had this conversation...and lamented that we wish we hadn't wasted out twenties chasing cool. Cool is subjective

PS: I think you are uber cool!

Grace (The Stripe) said...

Haha, I'm glad you liked that. :) I am not cool at all and totally okay with it. It was so wonderful to meet you at BWI. Love your blog, BTW... newly following.

I Dream Of said...

Well said, Patricia. It's all easy to get stuck in the swirl of comparing oneself to others - and there's always something newer, cooler, more glamorous that seems out of reach. I loved Annechovie's post - I think the best things in life tend to be the simplest, and the most disappointing can be the so-called coolest.
I think true "coolness" or "chicness" is knowing who you are and reveling in that... That said, I agree with Elizabeth, you're totally cool in my book! Happy Monday, XO

Becca - Rebecca Atwood Designs said...

I love this post Patricia- I think we all feel that way sometimes! It was lovely meeting you this weekend. I love your blog and will be following along!

Acquired Objects said...

I had to laugh reading this post...YES I used to feel people were cooler then I was but somewhere along the way that all faded away. Somewhere around my 30's or 40's I stopped feeling like that I think I just became more comfortable in my skin. Very thought provoking.


Woodside Park said...

Oh Patricia, I'm so not cool. And, that is 100% okay :-) I like cool people, but I don't want to be them. Too much pressure. Ha ha :-)

home before dark said...

I think way cool is knowing you are and what you really value. The coolest people I know are autodidacts—people who teach themselves. I love to see the passion in their eyes, and what they makes of their quests. Another too cool for school is when someone—say, like PVE—mentors young talent. Passing the torch is a thing of grace. Which, of course, is most cool.

Maryl said...

I define cool people as those who are having more fun and are more creatively and mentally stimulated. So I just need to make sure I am having fun and am creatively and mentally stimulated. Done! Thanks.

Karena said...

Patricia you and Anne have such poignant posts today.

From the very start of my blog and meeting have been the most genuine, warm-hearted person/artist I know. Thank you for bringing these thoughts out in the open.

Art by Karena
Artists Series 2012

MJH Design Arts said...

Patricia, You have initiated a fantastic conversation. I used to want to be "cool"......but (finally) I am perfectly content to be who I am. I just wish it hadn't taken me this long to "get it". I think that to be cool all that is required is the passionate desire to discover who you are and then to set your goal on constant growth and expansion. Sounds easy--guess again. Thanks for a wonderful post. I wish that I had been at that seminar. Be well. Mary (Of course, Jones is super cool dog)

annie@mostlovelythings said...

Everyone is cooler than me...and ever since I figured that out I have been so much happier! I love this post and Annechovie's too!!

Amanda C. Bee said...

Motivation Monday is my favorite day of the week! I think your one cool woman and definitely a good person, no question. I wonder if there's a difference is between being kewl and being cool? :-)
Hope your summer is going well!

annechovie said...

Love your post, Patricia and thank you for the sweet words and everyone for the kind comments! Humility and kindness is the only timeless brand of "cool". xo

BRASWELL said...

what a great post + fabulous food for thought. PVE=cool.

Unknown said...

Comparing ourselves to others is never a good idea ... but saying that, I have to admit I have wished I was as 'cool' as you! :D Great post Patricia!

CREED said...

To my super cool friend, I so enjoy starting my week with your monday motivations even if sometimes I'm a week behind! Because I'm not one of those incredibly cool, together, organized, can do it all type persons. ~ C