Monday, March 05, 2012

monday motivation, imagination

It is Monday folks and yes, we return to our jobs, or to school - but set aside some imagination time. 
 Is there something that you imagine or perhaps needs a little dreaming up in order to make it happen.  Part of my mission is to inspire, design and to create an artful life.  I think without the ability to imagine, none of what I have accomplished would be possible without something left to my imagination.  

This mosaic "imagine" shot is from "Strawberry Fields" in NY City, in Central Park.  
Make sure you imagine today, carve out some dream time.
Let your imagination run wild.
Don't save it all for Friday.  
Start imagining now what you dream and draw it.
Imagine how many dreams plant the seed to start something beautiful.


Unknown said...

What a beautiful post! I will do just that. xo

The Buzz Blog said...

My morning workout gives me time to let my mind go wild... I even bring a tape recorder so I that I can write down my dreams. Love this picture and your motivation today!

Unknown said...

Imagination is the mother of all inventions.... and then some! You have a wonderful knack for writing such inspiring posts! Always food for thought!

quintessence said...

SO true!! I am on inspiration/sensory overload at the moment - I need to take some time out to think and absorb it all!!

Southern Lady said...

We love Mondays! Ours actually starts with an art lesson. How's that for imagination? Hope your week is blessed! Carla

Formerly known as Frau said...

Love the motivation on Monday...I so need it today! I'm dreaming and setting plans in motion...Happy Monday!

Acquired Objects said...

Thankfully my whole job is about imagination but a pep talk is always welcomed!

Jennifer C. Webb said...

your posts never fail to inspire "creative living"

I Dream Of said...

Thanks so much for a motivating Monday pep talk! I can now imagine that facing the Monday music won't be so bad! XO

Stephanie Sabbe said...

mmm, needed some inspiring words today!

Unknown said...

Although today wasn't overly creative for was a nice breather after the past month or one thing or another.

I love this shot of Strawberry Fields in CP!! I'm working on carving out time for creativity!!

xoxo Elizabeth

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