Tuesday, March 13, 2012

green beans

Love to bring something fresh and green like this print inside.  I could imagine a tiny room covered in  this Josef Frank print.  It reminds me of when school children bring home science projects, you know the "bean" plant that is expected to grow to great heights for climbing.

If you have ever tried to grow green beans, you know they take off and before you know it - one's crop is green and ready for picking string beans.  Are you thinking about your garden, or is it just me?


Acquired Objects said...

Stylish and delicious! I've been thinking all winter about gardening and have some antique gates arriving tomorrow and I can't wait to dig!


Debra said...

Hmmmmm... I have a feeling that all of this green may be leading up to something special... xox

Holly Gruszka said...

That is really pretty and brings a smile to my face. I'm a big fan of the color green in any shade!

Amanda C. Bee said...

That print is wildly fun! I'm loving this weeks posts of all green! :-)

Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

There just something about the hue that makes me happy..... and yes, I definitely have the much anticipated Spring gardening on the brain!

Jenny Castle Design said...

Love that print - so charming and cheery! I have been thinking about my garden and herb box especially...it's the first time I'll be attempting to have a "green thumb", so it's bound to be an adventure. Thanks for the green bean tips!

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Love green beans and this would be great behind glass as a kitchen backsplash!

Purple Flowers said...

Love that green. I went to a garden nursery the other day to see and inhale the scent of flowers and plants. It was so enjoyable!

Formerly known as Frau said...

I can't wait to get outside and start working in the garden....remind me if I complain in a couple months! lol! Have a wonderful day!

Karena said...

Just like Springtime, Patricia, so fresh and green!

Art by Karena

The Buzz Blog said...

Can I say how bananas I am about these beans - and a small room papered in this would be delightful!

Natalie said...

I wih his prints were in my budget! They are always so fresh and happy. And I should be thinking MORE about my garden seeing that summer starts much sooner down here in the deep south! I'm already late getting my tomatoes in the ground. Thanks for the reminder :)

Unknown said...

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