Tuesday, March 20, 2012

face in a place

Yesterday, I had posted this work of art "Betty" by Gerhard Richter and one of my very astute readers, Lisa Mende commented that it was in Kate Spade's Park Avenue home.  It is in fact a print as the original is in a Museum, I believe The St. Louis Museum.  Thanks again Lisa.
Did you know that the face in that painting is actually Gerhard's own daughter?
What a wonderful face and I love the fresh modern perspective.
Placing her face laying down adds dimension and highlights one side.

If your face were in a place, where would you hang?
Sideways, backwards or upside down?


Jalon Burton said...

Adds a completely different perspective to the subject - doesn't it? Thanks for sharing - enjoy your Tuesday. Jalon

the gardener's cottage said...

ks does have good taste! i think straight on. with all the wrinkles and imperfections showing would be best:) love that you may be related to the artist. that is so, so cool. xo

Unknown said...

Sweet face. I like portraits, which do not necessarly face the onlooker directly. I think portraits or self portraits are the hardest art form to master. There are so many subtle messages send to the viewer, consciously or sub consciously.
The great painters are the ones who reflect the feelings/moods of the sitter into the painting. Something of the essence of the person.

I Dream Of said...

Love seeing yesterday's face in the context of Kate Spade's home - one of my all time favorite interiors. I think currently I'd be hanging upside down since that's the direction I've been turning my life lately! xo

quintessence said...

Just love Richter's work - there is a very good book that has been on my list for a while!

Claudia Lane said...

It's a beautiful portrait and the different view adds such great interest...I'd love to hang sideways (on my good side of course!) I think I would look more interesting that way...!
Have a great day x

Stephanie Sabbe said...

on my back! no wrinkles:)

Joyce said...

A precious face. I like how the innocence was captured.
Oh my dear friend do you really want me to answer? How about with the lights out. :) xo

Emily said...

That's so cool! I'm turning into a fan of his work (Kate Spade isn't too bad either :)

Thank you for another lesson in art Ms. pve.

Lisa Mende said...

Thanks for the mention Patricia! I do love that piece! Happy to have you as a friend on Facebook too! I'm headed to bed but in the morning, I'm sending you a message in your inbox...

Unknown said...

Gorgeous photos! Daily sunscreen and trips to the dermatologist for some microdermabrasion are helping me in the fight for youthful skin!


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