Friday, March 30, 2012

friday filing

 In the end I decided upon the white cb2 file cabinet for my art studio space.
The top was going in our master bath as a shelf under the floating vanity but in the end we did not use it.
It works great as my desk top.
Keeping things white and simple.
My big table will arrive on tuesday.
Floors are polished concrete from Green Earth Floors
Walls are Benjamin Moore Super White.
Here they are all set up to serve as my work desk.  I love my tote that I won which I use to tote work around to appointments.  Now to file....away some files.  I will be back later to show you my filing.

Still to hang above is a huge magnetic dry erase board.
Keeping things clean, crisp and modern.

13 comments: said...

love the look. The floors are So cool!

Lisa Porter said...

Crisp & clean & just waiting for you to fill it all with your incredible ideas! Those are the prettiest "industrial" filing cabinets. Am heading over to look at the source but first I must see your spa in it's final glory.
Patricia, I included one of your beautiful blue studies at TLPC last night. Thank you for the inspiration always at PVE!
Happy weekend.
xo Lisa

Acquired Objects said...

Clean and crisp so nothing distracts you from your painting. Love your floors!

Happy Friday!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Love it and a peak into your beautiful work space! Have a wonderful weekend!

I Dream Of said...

How fun to see your space come together. I love the simple, clean, crispness of it. Can't wait to see what you create there!
Happy filing!! XO

Joyce said...

I like what I see!! I like things clean, crisp, organized and simple. The organizing part can sometimes slightly slip. Happy filing Friday!! xo

annie@mostlovelythings said...

crisp and the all white and those floors are amazing too! Will you be hanging your art on those walls?

Unknown said...

This looks great, surely you are getting in the mood...
Happy weekend!
Hope to see you soon!

Belle on Heels said...

We've been thinking about getting these file cabinets to use just the same way! I love it :)

Unknown said...


Reallt really looks great! Happy weekend!


kayce hughes said...

Such a treat to see!

Millie said...

There has been much discussion at our place re a polished concrete floor for our soon-to-be kitchen reno. I've been somewhat ambivalent, it's been MOTH who's waxed lyrical. We have to put a new slab in so it's quite feasible to do. Seeing your image has swung me around to MOTH's way of thinking, it looks wonderful!
Millie xx

Holly Gruszka said...

You'll probably see a post soon, but we've got to do something about our office area in our basement. I'm so ready to have it organized and more comfortable to work in. It's one of my many projects around our house. HOpe you're having a good weekend! We have a tote similar for my daughter and absolutely love it - I use it all the time.