Tuesday, August 30, 2011

social graces

My thoughts turn to items that would enhance one's social graces.
I have already spotted a few items that are on my "must have" list.

"Draper" table (above) here
New "Classy" book here
Lovely party frocks here
"Catering" list from here
"Great Bourbon" here
Building a responsible "nest" here
(listen here) to Hosting a dinner party by Laura Fraser, the author of "All Over The Map."
Wishing this graced my life 18 years ago - a chic clutch for Modern Motherhood.

Care to share any new items or tips that have graced your social diary?


Anonymous said...

I love the sound of the Classy book, have just thrown it into my amazon basket for my teen. Tips, well I always make sure I have fresh starched linen napkins for lunch and dinner parties um......

pve design said...

2 hippos,
love freshly starched linens!
would love a fresh hand stitched quilt from you!

Unknown said...

that clutch is gorgeous & must get myself a classy book

Karena said...

The book sounds wonderful.

Agree about the linen napkins and a lovely table even for lunch with the grandchildren so they can see the example set!

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Art by Karena

designchic said...

I adore the bar cart and I can hardly wait to go check the great tunics!!

Joyce said...

All over the map is on my list. xo

The French Tangerine said...

Can't wait to check out the classy book... seems like you have it all together, can't imagine you'd need to enhance your social graces any further... I look to you for my enhancement!

Easy and Elegant Life said...

Is that a bust of JFK on the bar cart? That's pretty swellegant.

The Buzz Blog said...

Oohh... that Classy book looks like a must-read! I'd add a silver cocktail shaker to that fabulous bar cart... goodness knows, four days without power would lead this blogger to drink!

LindsB said...

mmm a snakeskin bar table- LOVE IT!

LPC said...

I sense you need no help:). Thank you for giving us some...

XXX said...

I just finished the Classy book. A quick read, and a perfect refresher.