Sunday, August 28, 2011

hurricane Irene power

We are riding out the storm with power.
My heart goes out to many who are without power.
Loving these stylish hurricane lights.
Found these hurricanes via Martha Stewart.
A classic vintage hurrican lantern is timeless.
A collection of driftwood to make one's very own hurricane lights.
Love these modern hurricanes.
Hope each of you are riding out the storm in style and with power.


Unknown said...

love to see candles in glasses & the hurican ones in the last image are lovely

Formerly known as Frau said...

Beautiful candles! We still have power but it's pouring rain in NJ. Staying at my sisters house and there is a river flowing through her back yard now and her poor neighbors backyard is a lake. I feel like Irene is still hovering over Northern NJ. Stay safe and dry.

Anonymous said...

beautiful lamp collection. Thinking of you, stay safe - such a horrible time.

Unknown said...

Beautiful collection, you might want one of
them on your table in the new kitchen!

Hope you are fine storm wise and no damage on your new construction!!!

We have a foot of water in the basement.....but we were prepared for it and rescued our stuff from the floor!
But otherwise no damage, the worst seems over!


My Galveston Cottage said...

Like the minis within the larger hurricane lamp. Great idea! And then I won't feel like something is about to catch on fire when the wind blows strong, suddenly.

Purple Flowers said...

Love those hurrican lamps - so stylish. We have two from Pier One, but they're abit rounded. We used them this morning when we were w/out power - made us think about what conveniences we have on an everyday basis, and most times take for granted.
Hope all is well where you live.

Joyce said...

Love the 2nd one!! I have been thinking of you and everyone else in with Irene, the uninvited guest. I also have been thinking of since the boys have either left or will soon be leaving for college. BIG hugs... xo

Maria Killam said...

I desperately need the first set of those Hurricanes! LOVE THEM!

katecreativesalvage said...

Martha at Katecreative

We lost power this morning, and just got it back a half hour ago, then it went out again, and it came back again, hopefully it will stay on. Love those hurricanes lamps, we have lots of candles, a battery operated radio, so now we will have some hot food.
I hope everyone else is okay, we are inside, and watching the high tide tonight.

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

Thankful that you do have power. Hopefully this storm will not be as horrible as predicted.

Unknown said...


Wonderful array of hurricane lamps and candle power. What would we do without them.


Summer is a Verb said...

I had the candles and flashlight ready but, we were fortunate enough to sail through the storm with good ole artificial light...XXOO

LindsB said...

having no power sucks, I really was not on speaking terms with Irene this weekend- I'm pretty glad she is gone now :)