Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Five Fabulous weddings were mentioned in Papercity, along with my illustrations done for a Dallas couple, in July 2009. The event took place in Chicago.

As the illustrations were complete, there was a gallery, on display for guests to view.
I am so delighted for the mention here.
Thank-you to Birch Design Studio for trusting me to capture the wedding in my artwork.

in Papercity, Dallas. (click to enlarge the above photo)


LindsB said...

That is so cool- congrats on being featured!!

pve design said...

Thanks for your kind comments as always.

Debra said...

Looks like a really fun wedding~ and you captured the treasured memories so beautifully. Such wonderful keepsakes for the happy couple. A nice bow to PvE here-that must have been a great time for you.

pve design said...

Thank-you! I loved every minute of seeing young fresh love! They both radiated that special glow so it made it so easy to illustrate!

Joyce said...

It seems just like yesterday that you did did this wedding. Big kudos my friend! For sure a wonderful treasure for the lucky couple. Congrats! xo

pve design said...

Yes, it seems like yesterday! I just sent you a be-lated card and a request for your photos to work from -hope you can send to me, pretty please!
Thanks -

Rebecca said...

Way to go!

Your work is so lovely. It is nice to see it featured.

Hamptontoes said...

Oh, that's so wonderful!

ralph and martha said...

so great! Congratulations - that's wonderful exposure and it's also always nice to get a high-five like that! I hope you got a hard copy of the article.

Marnie said...

love the display boards and your artwork too