Friday, February 08, 2013

the dish

 Can we dish?  
Latest news, school is closed for an anticipated onslaught of snow.
No precipitation yet but the forecast predicts a good blast.  Funny how this week, my foodie self has been a bit preoccupied with menus, fresh ingredients and a well stocked pantry. 
Much like a dog who knows when a storm is coming, I guess I have felt the need to be prepared and hide. (under the table)
  Rumor has it that the groceries and gas stations were pretty insane.  Lines and mass panic.   After the last Storm Sandy and being rendered powerless, I guess everyone is amping up and bracing for a blizzard.  Several texts came in yesterday from jealous southerners in want of snow.

Now just take a look at all these cupboards fully stocked with dishes and vessels ready to serve up a storm of guests.
 Ever think of using reclaimed wooden door fronts?  Really adds warmth and soul to this wall pantry.
 Barn door chic to slide open for easy access to shelves of mugs and a many everyday dishes.
 Maybe a transformed pantry stocked with dishes and staples is just the thing one needs to be ready for any storm.
Batteries, Water, canned goods, teas, coffee, matches, and Champagne.  
Yes, even a "splash" of Champagne served certainly adds to the celebration of a snow day.
Are you ready for what is going to be dished out?
Are you ready for the storm?


Acquired Objects said...

Good morning Patricia……we have a built –in cupboard in our dining room with a half door and I hate it! So the husband is going to make two full doors out of reclaimed wood. It should add texture and warmth to our dining room. We were supposed to get flakes last night but there’s nothing. I’m not sure why they’re calling this a monster storm when we’re used to getting two plus feet of snow at a time…go figure. But finally we’ll get to snowshoe!


Cheryl said...

Waiting for snow here, too! I adore those images. Cupboards, cabinets, shelves... oh they make me so happy!!! These are stunning!
Stay snuggled in!

Elizabeth said...

Here in Philadelphia we have a whole 'lotta nothin'...:( Speaking of dishes, I am terribly jealous of your gorgeous Royal Copenhagen haul--you are one lucky girl!


pve design said...

I know it is funny how in years past, 2 feet of snow was just another day and now since there has been no snow, when we get a light dusting it sends everyone into panic mode.
Happy Snow-shoe ing.

Enjoy the snow and snuggling too.

Are you getting any snow down south or just rain?

That Royal Copenhagen haul was such a long time ago, what a score. I am keeping my eyes wide open for another score.

Unknown said...

You will appreciate that my first stop this morning was yoga! I am centered and ready for the onslaught...although right now it just looks pretty.

If we can just hang on to the power, it might be a good excuse for some comfy cozy time in front of the fire.

Stay warm, stay safe...and I love how your instincts helped you be so well prepared and fed!
xoxo Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

I love the cupboard doors, do hope all is well. Ruthx