Thursday, February 07, 2013

salad ingredients

I love this photograph from Irving Penn, 1947 - "Salad Ingredients" - As long as I have been with my husband, he has carefully prepared some of the most delightful salad vinaigrettes.  Just last night as he prepared a fresh dressing, he asked me to buy more Trader Joe's balsamic vinegar.

All you need-
good olive oil
 mustard and herbs to your liking.  Fresh parsley, chopped chives, and grated pepper are also lovely finishing touches.
Mix in a glass bowl, whisk with a fork and dress and toss your salad and serve.

Just the other day, a dear friend dropped in for lunch and she said, you need to post more about your "french" background and I laughed as you see I am not french but am married to a man who grew up in France, so I guess all his French has influenced me and my life.  So our subject immediately went to France and food.  It's true, the French know how to live life by simply using the freshest ingredients.
Simple salad ingredients shared are the best.


Anonymous said...

They do, I wish we had more markets selling fresh produce.

pve design said...

two hippos,
gasp, no fresh markets nearby? I thought you lived in England....I am horrified. I love the markets here.
Wish I could send you some fresh salad.

Acquired Objects said...

We're very lucky where we live in the country nothing but fresh, fresh, fresh. Food tastes better when it's made with fresh ingredients.

I hope you aren't going get the snow storm that's on it's way to New England tomorrow Patricia.


Cheryl said...

Love this photo!! I'm thinking about how simple it is to eat delightfully! It's all in the details!

Purple Flowers said...

Fresh ingredients make all food taste better, especially when there's only a few ingredients needed for the recipe. I like the way your husband thinks.
We're going to get a lot of snow!

annie@mostlovelythings said...

I don't think I've ever read that your husband grew up in France....and it is true, the French really do know how to live well and quite simply, like with a homemade there any other way? ha

Lobster Meets Peach said...

I am very lucky to live in an area that is really into "farm to table". Fresh is always best!

annette m said...

Wow, before I even scrolled down to read your blog I found myself just sitting staring and admiring this wonderful photo. The crisp fresh lettuce, the little snipets of herbs and lemon and the angles of the spoons along with the colors. Ones eye really moves around nicely over this photo.And so appealing.It truly is a wonderful photo.

I agree, nothing like a wonderful vinaigrette and a fresh crisp salad. I am actually off to buy some of these ingredients today. Thanks so much for sharing.

Belle on Heels said...

Nothing beats a good homemade salad dressing!

Unknown said...

There is nothing better than a fresh salad with a homemade dressing. I think I need to gather my ingredients and create one of my own.

And, yes....more French please!!!
xoxo Elizabeth

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Thank you kindly for coming to visit today! I think I have "met" you before...your artwork is STUNNING and I see that you too love horses! The French love to use fresh ingredients and in season. While in France, we ate so simply but so RICHLY. I love your style here~ Anita

MJH Design Arts said...

That sounds so good--especially now that I can eat salads. Yummmmm.

BRASWELL said...

This picture is stunning. How lucky am I to live in CA.with all it's fresh produce.

A Lifestyle Thing said...

AWWW, good to check in on you again. I have very few moments to do this keeping up on blogging thing, but yours is always so fresh! LOVE you and your posts! xxxx
stay warm and satisfied during snow:)

labergerebasque said...

It is true…the best freshest, best treated product possible (plant or animal) will always become a good meal. Always.
LOVE visiting here:)

LPC said...

I'm with you. A simple vinaigrette with top quality ingredients floats my boat. I confess I will often add some French-style mustard.