Monday, February 18, 2013

President's Day

Spotted this on etsy and love this work of art of all of The Presidents of the United States of America.
How many of them can you name?  When one of my sons was little he could recite them all and tell you who and when they were in office.

My daughter has been down with an awful flu but that has not stopped our family from celebrating the twins birthday, skiing and sharing good times with one another and good friends.
Carry on everyone, and that includes taking a moment to honor all the past and present Mr.Presidents.
I do hope one day we have a woman in office.


Acquired Objects said...

I'm so sorry your daughter is sick when there's a couple of birthdays to celebrate. I hope your boys had a wonderful day. And your son can do better than I at naming all the Presidents.

Enjoy your evening Patricia!

Karen at Home Sweet Hollywood said...

Such a bummer your daughter is daughter is sick too. But sounds like you're having a great weekend anyway...silver linings :)

MJH Design Arts said...

Did you see Elizabeth Warren at the committee meeting?
Love her.

Brooke said...

Oh no, the flu. So sorry. I hope she recovers quickly and doesnt miss much of the celebration! Bless her heart. Glad you and the family have managed a nice getaway to celebrate your boys. Xo

Anonymous said...

Would be great if a woman got to the White House. Who knows, may be at the next election?

Kwana said...

I hope your dear A is feeling better. Hugs to her!

Kwana said...

Also huge birthday hugs to your boys! I hope they had a wonderful birthday! Gosh I'm feeling old now. They were babies just 2 minutes ago.