Thursday, June 21, 2012


My daughter and summer get along really well.
I guess you could say it is indeed her favorite time of year.
Today is her last day of 7th grade, all 2 hours and 50 minutes of it.
I wrote her a congratulatory letter, letting her know how proud I am of how hard she has worked this year academically, physically and socially.
As her Mother, I can attest to just how busy she has been all year long, so this summer we are actually going to live as unscheduled as possible and just embrace things as they happen.

Many children leave for camp and are gone the entire summer, some go on fantastic trips and it is not to say that we have not had our fair share of good camps and great trips because we have.

I guess what I am trying to say is that this summer, we are going to try to live a little bit more carefree.
Summer time here we come.


Nancy // and while we are here said...

What a wonderful picture! Makes me forget this rainy weather here in Berlin...-

And I know very well, what you mean about the summer and schedules and all that and you are right! Trying to slow down life a little bit, too - the haste let us sometimes forget the present because we always rush to the future...

pve design said...

little pink cupcakes,
so true, to find the joy right now is key and not always rush to the next thing.

Jessica Ryan said...

Your daughter is beautiful... she looks just like you! Summertime is great... it is to be enjoyed with our children and it's all about being carefree!

pve design said...

Thanks so much. My girl is the apple of my eye and certainly did not fall far from the tree. It is true, summer and carefree seem to by synonymous.
Stay cool....scorcher today.

Unknown said...

What a wonderful idea! I feel like these days parents do allow children to jam pack their days (as to not prevent them from potentially discovering their passion). So times like this must be a relief :)

Your daughter is GORGEOUS by the way!

pve design said...

Raised (one of seven) some of my fondest times were the ones that were not planned. I think a little time to be perhaps bored or be open to new things is what summer is all about.
Thank-you for your kind comments. Yes, just this morning I actually told her she is gonna hurt somebody with those looks.

LPC said...

Your daughter is glorious. And my mother insisted that boredom was the best teacher. Unstructured time, as long as kids have access to other kids for playmates, and some space, is the best, best gift.

Karena said...

She looks so much like you Patricia, and kids deserve to just have fun once in awhile; Mom's too!


Art by Karena
2012 Artist Series!

john bord said...

Being a bit creative comes from working out my own time and what to do with it. Not living in a puzzle where some one else moves the pieces.

Grace (The Stripe) said...

Cheers to creative, carefree summers! your daughter is adorable!

Woodside Park said...

Nothing better than summer for kids :) (Except maybe Christmas.) She's precious and very pretty :) Cheers to you both!!

Becca - Rebecca Atwood Designs said...

Your daughter is beautiful! She looks just like you!

Unknown said...

A happy summer for a darling girl! And knowing how much this time also means to you, enjoy the time together as much as you can!


quintessence said...

Sounds great! She looks beautiful - and much more mature than mine who just finished 7th grade as well. Mine is going to camp (we have been on serious count down for weeks) but it is a chance for her to be without any electronics, and even electricity for much of the time, to enjoy nature and being with friends 24/7. Your easy going summer sounds delightful as well!!

eLIZabeth Floyd said...

A less scheduled summer sounds wonderful! Enjoy the summer and make the most of this special time of year!


Lisa Mende said...

She is such a beauty like her Mom! Glad you hear you are enjoying your summer!

Joyce said...

Maybe a few picnics and daydreaming moments will be part of your summer. She is beautiful just like her momma. :) xo

MJH Design Arts said...

Oh, Patricia, She is gorgeous. Mothers and daughters--made of dreams, with many treasures and love to share. I, too, have a wonderfully amazing daughter--precious and wondrous gift. Thank you for sharing her. Mary

Unknown said...

looks amazing!!!

annechovie said...

Amelia looks exactly like you. She is beautiful and growing into womanhood quickly! I hope that you two have a wonderful, free and unscheduled Summer. xo

BRASWELL said...

looks just like you.. so pretty + enjoy the summer!

annie@mostlovelythings said...

This is the best first day of summer post! She's beautiful!!

CREED said...

You are the BEST mom. Imagine if every young girl in the world was lucky enough to receive letters like that. Imagine the difference. Cheers to your carefree summertime with your beautiful daughter (spitting image!!) ~ C

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