Saturday, June 09, 2012

get fresh

 A few weeks ago, I made fresh fruit kabobs for my daughter to bring to a friends home to share.  They were a huge hit and the Mom told me that I inspired her to make some and even sent me a photo.
 I attended an event in the city a few weeks ago and they had the freshest crudites in fun containers.
Summertime always makes me want to add freshness to my menu and to my table.  Ever since 3rd grade, I have loved ric-rac and how it adds a zest.  What sort of "get fresh" ideas are on your weekend menu.  Hope I have inspired you to create a fun raw bar or add a bit of a fresh face to your table.


Joyce said...

I have been doing fruit kabobs for years. I love the fact they are easy to eat one hand and they simply look pretty. The same with the containers. Don't you love to entertain? I do! :) xo

Hat Lady said...

Nice idea for sunday dinner! Thanks for share,

Anonymous said...

I love the fruit kebabs, perfect for any party!

Unknown said...

Always a great eye opener to seasonal possibilities for this time of year.

Have a great weekend!

Karena said...

Pretty Fruit Kabobs!! I love to get out my colorful linens this time of year!

Anita's Parisian Party
Art by Karena

MJH Design Arts said...

Hi Patricia, Your are reminding me that the best gift we can give our children and ourselves is healthy fresh foods. And a grateful heart. Have a wonderful loving Sunday.

Lisa Mende said...

you always inspire me! everything you do is amazing!
love rid rac too!!!!!

vicki archer said...

The fruit skewers look fantastic as well as taste delicious ... love the way they are colour matched in that shot... the same with the vegetables and the napkins... Great idea and gorgeous presentations... xv

janie said...

I echo MJH and Vicki's comments---love the post: great inspiration for our Sunday suppers.

The French Tangerine said...

Oh I love those napkins so much! So colorful and charming! and the fruit and vegetables are refreshing and summery.. a very inspiring post indeed..

StagerLinda said...

It has been years since I've seen ric-rack used. It does bring back memories! Love all the fresh summer colors--they make me happy.

BRASWELL said...

Fruit kabobs what a grand idea + rick rack
napkins, my favorites.

Christy said...

Hi! Oh those would be HUGE hits at my house! LOVE this idea!

Unknown said...

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