Thursday, May 10, 2012

un jardin

Mother's day came a wee early.  
My dear husband returned from visiting his parents and brought me a lovely bottle of HERMES "un Jardin en Mediterranee." I especially like that we can share it as it was intended for both guys and gals as it has a woody green fruity scent. 

I saved the box for the lovely artwork which I found inspiring.  Funny, I never thought of cacti in my garden, but they are all over the place in the South of France.

What is your favorite fragrance from "un jardin?"


deb* said...

Sur le nil has always been my favorite----you have to wait a little for the dry down but then..heavenly! What a nice gift!

The Buzz Blog said...

Toca is my go to but this one sounds heavenly! What a sweet hubby you have!

Summer is a Verb said...

Annnd it looked so pretty on your new vanity :)

Unknown said...

Well, lucky you!!

I am loving my Tulip fragrance by Byredo and am still partial to Chloe and Balenciaga.

Enjoy smelling of the garden today!
xoxo Elizabeth

Joyce said...

I like that you both can share the bottle. :) since my incident I can't wear too much cologne. Through it all my sense of smell and eye sight improved. I too love the packaging. xo

Karena said...

Oh it sounds like a delicious scent! The inspired art is wonderful!


Art by Karena

I Dream Of said...

What a lovely surprise! I'm sure it smells as pretty as it looks. The scent of lilacs floating in the air right now is something that I would love to bottle up and put on my vanity.
Happy early Mother's Day to you, Patricia! XO

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Happy Mother's Day...was a treat! He had me at the packaging

designchic said...

How sweet is that...gorgeous illustration!!

BRASWELL said...

My favorite is 1000 by Patou-however this one looks grand. Must try + adore good smells.

MJH Design Arts said...

Oh, how I wish.........but I'm allergic to perfume. Happy Mother's Day!! Mary

Mr Paul said...

Love it, love it. A big fruity fig scent. I also love Un jardin apres le mousson. What a lovely gift.