Thursday, May 03, 2012

dreaming in anjou

 Found this sweet glossy earthenware anjou cookie jar here.
Hence my craving and dreaming in anjou colored began.
 Care to join me here, just look at this lovely anjou yellow tufted Cecil Beaton illustration?
I found the perfect shade of anjou dress to wear to the party.  I think I need to find some silk taffeta and dust off the sewing machine.

What a sweet party party favor or invite to a party of Joy.
Could be for any sort of celebration, right?
Who needs an occasion?

Love the idea of giving a "process color" mug to my guests.
Something about anjou that radiates sunshine.
Rise and shine and bring your own sunshine to the party!

all images from my pinterest boards.



LOVE THAT COLOR!!! and i gotta have that cookie jar!

Summer is a Verb said...

Um, if you dust off the ole Singer to make that dress, make it 2 please! But, sign me up for navy please. A nice blue cheese to pair with that pear ;)

designchic said...

Such a sunny and warm color. Have a yellow and white geometric wallpaper in my breakfast room and it never ceases to make me happy every morning!! Make it three for the dress, and I'll take the anjou...

Cheryl said...

Oh that cookie jar is wonderful!!!!!

Unknown said...

Love that last image and quote, Patricia. Perfect for this gray, chilly, misty day!!!

You bring sunshine wherever you go!!!
xoxo Elizabeth

Deborah said...

love the bright, warm color! and i love the quote in the last pic!

MJH Design Arts said...

I upholstered a Deco sofa in "anjou" linen velvet--yummy. Love the dress. Have fun. Mary

Joyce said...

One can not help but smile as they say anjou! xo

Denise said...

Love that color! Beautiful words, too, as usual.

Unknown said...

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