Wednesday, May 16, 2012

joie de vivre

Have you found your "joie de vivre?"
How do you create or find exuberance?
What brings you joy~
Is it your garden, taking care of your home, your family, your work?
Could it be cooking, creating a meal or baking?

Mine is capturing moments in time and then sharing it in my art.
Mind you life is pretty energetic around here at our home.

I am happiest when I capture artwork in a loose fashion with energy.
When I labor over something, it suddenly looses fervor or spontaneity.
It's like someone working too hard to sell you something.

Places. Parties. People. Pets and Posh things.
I work with a local framer who is passionate about framing my art.  
He really rocks when it comes to framing.
This one I had sent to Joni at cote de Texas a few years ago because I know her passion is all things french.

If you could have anything illustrated by me, what would it be?
Tell me what subject would bring joy to your life in a pve work of art?


Karena said...

Patricia seeing paintings of yours like this brighten my day!! I love the French Chateau for Joni!

My grandchildren and Miss Belle, my Himalayan bring me much joy!!

2012 Artist Series
Art by Karena

INDIAN said...
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Stacey said...

Most definitely my children:-)

Jennifer C. Webb said...

another PVE house I want to visit! An admitted house-o-holic...daydream about its design and gardens

If only I could stop finding projects and actually sit down and try to capture a still moment of our home

Belle on Heels said...

For me, it's all about being in the kitchen. I love baking. I love cooking meals for my little family. And I love entertaining and throwing dinner/cocktail/brunch parties for our friends. said...

I'm a lucky girl, because you've already created beautiful works for me -- my house and my blog! Still loving them both :)

I Dream Of said...

Patricia, I think that your liveliness, energy and joie de vivre is what makes me love your work so much - your passion shines through and I can't wait to see the results of our little "project." Having the freedom to explore my own joie de vivre this summer is such a gift. I'm finding so much pleasure in the smallest moments.
Wishing you lots of joy today! XO

Formerly known as Frau said...

The framing is beautiful it's the icing on the cake! If I could choose I'd say my family in front of our house or just my girl and pup...hard to say! Have a wonderful day!

The Buzz Blog said...

A day at the beach with my boys - always puts a skip in my step and a smile on my face! Love the French for coming up with the saying...

pve design said...

Thank-you for your very kind comments. I am so grateful to you for all your kindness and not to mention all the wonderful give-aways you share.

Ah, the children do bring us JOY!

I love that you love houses too and gardens and art and food and hats and the list goes on!

The kitchen is the hub of the home!~

Thrilled to see you are still getting life and mileage out of Monkey Grass Hill, It was my pleasure to create your header and illustrate your home.

Glad you are well on your way to finding joy and it is in the little things where we find such gratitude.
Working away~

I am so glad to see what makes everyone joyful.
I would have guessed what brings you joy....your daughter, your family, your home and of course
your sweet pup.

Buzz - ladies,
you all sure know how to find the joy in every bouquet and every beach!

vicki archer said...

I would love you to paint my sitting room if I had the choice... or my terrace... or just about anything! Love your paintings... xv

pve design said...

Thank-you. I would happily paint for you in France or from my studio!

Unknown said...

I have to admit, I'm pretty lucky. I have my home and my sweet Molly by you. Both absolute treasures.

I think I'd have to say my boys someday!! :)

Your art is such a gift...and I'm privileged to have it in my home. Makes me so happy!!

xoxo Elizabeth

Unknown said...

This Patricia enjoys your art that you feature here on your blog.
For me, "that joie de vivre" is found in poetry--that of others and words that I write of my own. One day, I found a quote by one of my favourite artists, Miro who said In my writing, I am inspired by the words of artist,
Joan Miro, who said
I try to apply colors
like words that shape poems,
like notes that shape music.
I take his words with me & posted the quote on my blog.:)

MJH Design Arts said...

Hi Patricia, I am going to order a new logo from you--of course, Jones (huge poodle) will be the major element. Probably Jones rocking away to "Benny and the Jets"--he sings the entire song. His second favorite tune is "Symphony for the Devil". Will get photos of my guy of to you very soon. Mary

Lissy Parker said...

I would love to see beautiful interiors-your paintings are always joyous!
xo, Lissy

Unknown said...

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Holly Gruszka said...

Your posts are so thoughtful and they really get your readers thinking too. My obvious answer would be people - my Mom, my daughter - but really I love your portraits of places. Homes and schools where countless hours were spent making memories and spending time and going through so many various emotions. Those places have a big part in creating the person and shaping their lives.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see a painting of a prolific flower garden smack in the middle of big city skyscrapers- perhaps many of the skyscraper roofs would have "rooftop gardens"!

home before dark said...

I'd say my husband of37 years but he would hate it! His grandmother wrote a poem about her husband we had recited at our wedding. The lines for remembrance: His mouth all fixed for laughter, his face all laughter lined.

Well, do we have the lines now!

LPC said...

Oh, either my front yard or the back. Right about now. California gardens love May.