Tuesday, December 13, 2011

blue christmas

"'ll have a blue Christmas....without you"

 Maybe you are traveling to visit family, near or far.
Memories of travels are everlasting.  I always remember visually and associate places with color.
A comment was left about Paris blues and yes, Paris at night is a city awash in dress blues.

I shall never forget the trip I took to Tulsa, Oklahoma.
I was a teenager in high school and went to visit my sister and brother-in-law.
Elvis Presley died and there was a blue sort of sadness all over the land.
 I think everyone was blue and glued to the news. 
There was a quiet hush.


We listened to Elvis Presley music and soaked our sorrows in yummy comfort food.
 We escaped to the shops and museums to look at art and architecture.
I bought a pair of blue suede shoes.

Do you ever get the blues at Christmas?
All I want are deep dark moody blues.
Blue velvet, blue polish, blue everything.
Navy blue, sky blue, cobalt blue, admiral blue, yankee blue, electric blue.

All I want for Christmas is blue.  Everything blue.
all images from my pinterest board, blue and white


Janelle McCulloch said...

I love navy blue too. I'm surprised more people don't like it; it's one of the most elegant colours there is. I love the deep, rich blue that's Paris at twilight, when the sky turns from pink to navy in a dazzling display of colour. I also love Yves Klein blue, Marrakech Blue, Savile Row blue (a tailored navy, usually with pin stripes) and even lighter blues such a periwinkle and hydrangea. I once did a story for Vogue Living on a house where the interior designer had taken a flower from the garden and flown to Paris with it so he could find a fabric that matched that exact blue. That's dedication to to the colour blue!
Janelle McCulloch | A Library of Design

Anonymous said...

I love blues, the azure sea and the sky on a clear cold winters day. Blue polish on my toes, rich dark navy velvet dress and sapphires sparkling.

Unknown said...

loving the blues I am so drawn into that first image its beautiful

Acquired Objects said...

Beautiful post and I remember the day Elvis passed it was sad. I was a teenager and was so sad because I grew up watching his movies and singing along with him but now smile at the memories. Love this post!

Diane said...

A Christmas tree with all blue lights can be very beautiful. My parents will be receiving all navy blue gifts this year from us, so you know we all like blue too! If you are ever in Nashville, it sounds like you would enjoy the Elvis Tribute show at the Texas Troubador Theatre -- my husband and I went over the summer and highly recommend it, especially if you are an Elvis fan -- small venue and he will come down the aisle and kiss you if you are near the aisle! http://www.thenashvilleking.com/

The Buzz Blog said...

Having just painted my front doors blue, I;m looking for colors to coordinate with them... and I may be sticking to a blue Christmas too!

I Dream Of said...

Such gorgeous blues. There's nothing wrong with a little bit of Christmas blues -- especially when it's blue and white, which is a big part of the decor at our house. Along side some bright red, it's as as pretty as can be!

Hope the only blues you get for Christmas are of the beautiful hues!

Unknown said...


Love all the blues. My wreaths on the front of my house all have blue lights this year and it is very calming and silently beautiful. Blue holds it's own at Christmas. I love it.


Unknown said...

LOVE the Chanel nail polish! And that light blue bread tin is so country chic! Love blue too =)

Anonymous said...

Blue has never looked so good. So many expensive bits of inspiration here! Hope you're enjoying the season.
xo E + J

Reggie Darling said...

One year we had a blue spruce Christmas tree at Darlington House, covered with blue and silver vintage ornaments. It was lovely, and lethal, too -- blue spruce has wickedly sharp needles. Beautiful post, m'dear!

Summer is a Verb said...

I have a blue wish list on deck! And, I'd kill to add that navy room to it! Now, that's my kinda look. And, that is the prettiest polish color everrr...XXOO

Jeri said...

A blue Christmas is right up my alley,too! Thanks for the inspiration and the gorgeous colors. I especially loved Paris in blue...Happy Holidays and happy knitting!