Wednesday, December 21, 2011

cozy up

All I want to do is hide.  Deadlines do that to me.  If only I had this cozy thing.
What cozies up your home?
Do you have an item you grab to fend off winter's chill?
 How I would love to cozy up in this.  Looks like cashmere.  I wonder if it comes in winter white.
So much chicer than that of that fleece snuggly.
 Lately, I just want gobs of creamy wintry white.
 Wintry white snoods around my neck.
 Gentle cozy reminders of snowflakes or white doilies on the plate.  Love this rug.
What cozies up your home to give an air of "all is calm all is bright" - I host knitting today in between dashing to fed ex and finishing up a few more items and on my list.  Soon, all will be cozy and bright!


Anonymous said...

Oh my Goodness! That first photograph is really something!

I have been doing little catnaps on the couch with a fleece blanket that is too small and not very pretty. I wish I had a snuggly blanket. Maybe Santa will bring one :)

Purple Flowers said...

That first photo is making me laugh! When I get stressed, I turn my rocking chair around to face the outside trees, and I rock...and rock and rock some more.

Patricia - take a deep breath, and know that this too shall pass.

Anonymous said...

I could cocoon my self in that pink number - our boiler has broken down! It my well frighten the gas man when he flies in to fix it though!

Cheryl said...

Oh Patricia,
I am right with you, although possibly not in the first snugglie!
If I am going to hide, it will be under a yummy cashmere blanket...

Formerly known as Frau said...

We have a blanket that we all fight for....i love the winter white...especially the snood! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Gwen Driscoll said...

Love, love that rug! Hope your having a great holiday season.

Kwana said...

LOL! I love that top picture. Don't worry. You will make it. Just hang in there. I always find a warm blanket and a corner of my couch or my bed when stressed. Try and tune out the world.

Acquired Objects said...

That first image is something else but made me smile. Cozy is the husband getting the fireplace going for me and then snuggling up on a down stuffed sofa!

Unknown said...

I am dying to finish everything and just sit by the fire with a great magazine - snuggled under a soft throw.

My mom resumed her knitting this year...and I am so excited for Ty to open up a navy roll neck sweater she knitted..all wrapped and under the tree.

Stay snuggled up today!
xoxo Elizabeth

Style Maniac said...

For me there's nothing like a sofa piled with pillows and faux fur blankets for instant coziness.

I Dream Of said...

That first photo gave me a good laugh and summed up how I'm feeling about today. I really don't want to face the music at work and would prefer to snuggle up and hide. I'm ready for a little Christmas break and for all to be calm!
Stay cozy! XO

Unknown said...

I hope all works out! I wish I could help you.....

Take a deep breath and follow the mantra:
I am happy and all is good!

xoxo Victoria

The Buzz Blog said...

I have a wonderful throw that never leaves the couch!