Saturday, December 03, 2011

letting it go

It is not my nature to share dirty laundry here on this blog but this past week I had the good fortune of working with Amy from "Simply Organize it."  I connected via "living social" where her services were offered at a special rate.

Amy agreed to come to my home and was ever so kind and ever so calm.  She kept asking me "where's the stuff?"  The stuff was in my back storage area and garage.

Lots of questions asked.
Do you love it?
Does it bring you joy?
Do you need it?
Is it weighing you down?
If you let it go, what are you opening yourself up to?

Soon I realized "it" needed letting go and the things that once were needed, loved or used now needed a new home.  Amy took all these things and will deliver to various places for someone else to find a use for "it."

During our renovation and construction, it caused me to move things many times, to pack up things and to unpack things realizing that it either had no place or no need.

I let go of toys, an old sewing machine that needs a new cord, tables I thought I would paint, bags of clothing to hand down, kitchen items and lots more.

The greenery you see tucked on the bottom was Amy's.  Thanks again Amy for coming to lend a hand and for carting all of it away to help to make room in my life.

Do you need help to simply organize it so you can free up more time for living a clutter free life?
If so, contact Amy.  I would highly recommend Amy to you.


cotedetexas said...

i NEED her!!! wow. lucky you.

remember those shows on hgtv or whatever channel it was where they would come and declutter your life? I hired someone during that craze and it didn't really work out. she wanted me to do all the work! haha!!!

now, the craze is hoarders. it's like my favorite show on tv.

A guy named Lulu said...

it must have been one hell of a time :)

Blue Turtle said...

You're lucky to have Amy. Excellent ideas by Amy. Nice post!

jeavon @ Design Directory

Susan McClaskey said...

There are probably very few people in America who couldn't use a little decluttering. We all have so much stuff. I downsized when I moved into this house six years ago, but I feel like I'm right back where I started with tons of stuff I no longer love or need.
Susan said...

good for you. I find purging to be so liberating! I don't need help, but I do need to be in the right frame of mind. Have a great weekend.

Caryl said...

As the former editor of Real Simple, I know well the difficult act of de-cluttering. But the second shoe to drop--so to speak---is that once we free ourselves of our detritus we have the space both physically and psychologically to soar, to get closer to living up to our
amazing potential That's alway been my reason for getting organizing or inspiring others to do so. Your
blog, by the way, helps me to do so everyday.

the gardener's cottage said...

i don't know what it is about purging useless things from our lives that is just so empowering and freeing, but boy is it. amy sounds awesome.

A Perfect Gray said...

it is so liberating. I am hanging on to a few things that I move every holiday to make room for guests. each year I say, I will NOT do this again - but I do. I'm getting close to letting it go! donna

Unknown said...

It's such a good feeling to let stuff go.
It's soooo hard to get to make the decision to let stuff go.

Well done!!

Formerly known as Frau said...

So refreshing to live lighter...I'm going through my Christmas decorations I have so much I never use maybe someone else would enjoy!

Unknown said...

Loved this! And need her! I'm moving in a few weeks and it is so hard letting go of some things I know I won't have room for!

Unknown said...

Loved this! And need her! I'm moving in a few weeks and it is so hard letting go of some things I know I won't have room for!

Kelley said...

I love decluttering stuff. Did you feel better after seeing the all the space you had after clearing things out?

Unknown said...

Cheers to you and your decluttering! Im such a pack rat myself! The most decluttering I would need is probably all the makeup I have =P I just cant let go.. lol

Unknown said...


I share the same advice with my clients that "letting go opens you up for more good to come into your life" and not always in the form of more "stuff" either.

I''ve seen it work miracles in many people lives. This is exceptional in the season of giving.

Happy weekend!


Karena said...

Patricia, Will she come to Kansas City!? I am doing better, really!

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carlee {deliciously organized} said...

I think you already know how happy this post makes me. It feels good to let things go :)

Unknown said...

Having a good clear out sometimes is so liberating and makes you reassesswhy you hang onto so much stuff.

But some things always will have to stay because they are just too special to let go.

ArchitectDesign™ said...

brilliant idea. I was at an estate sale this weekend and was horrified how much stuff these people had -even on the last day of the sale! I'm more determined than ever to clean out my own apartment now. Thats my goal this week!

home before dark said...

In getting ready for a remodel, I had to finally come to grips with THINGS. I gave to people I thought would like to add their story to mine. I gave to charities. I joined my 72 year old neighbor's "not dead yet estate sell." Some things were hard to let go of, but It had to be done. Still not through the remodel war, but look forward to the space letting go has created in my life.

Acanthus and Acorn said...

You know I am clapping and cheering for you! Feels good eh?

Janelle McCulloch said...

It's so cathartic decluttering your home - and your life. Every now and then I go overseas for work and live out of a carry-on bag for eight weeks or more. It's amazing how much 'lighter' your mind feels when you're only living with the essentials. I try to clean out our house every year too - usually when my partner's not home. Men are worse than women at hoarding, I think! Love the 72 year old neighbor's Not-Dead-Yet Estate Sell on Home Before Dark's comment. What a great idea.
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