Wednesday, November 30, 2011

capture every minute

 It is the end of November and I promise to savor this past month for all the beauty and wonder I have seen.  This past month has been full of emotions and has helped me to realize each day is fragile.  Life is to be captured.
 As we enter into the month of December, I want to give the things that need attention the most love.
 Spending time with elders has always helped me to capture every minute as time seems to be much slower for they realize a walk may be the last one.  I love the way time stops with my elders.  They seem to have life's minutes all figured out without counting.
Expressing one's true emotions requires living in that moment and not getting caught up in the madness.
Care to join me on capturing the moment and enjoying the month of December without missing the true minutes that deserve joy.

Gather friends
Spend time with an elderly neighbor or child
Create something to give
Give yourself permission to create
Take a walk, "window shop" - especially at night when everything is closed
Give happiness
Do random acts of kindness
Fill your heart with love
Listen to holiday music
Light a candle for someone you love
Light a menorah
Spin a driedl
Eat chocolate
Peel a tangerine and smell it
Send a letter to Santa
Make a wish
Call your Mother
Make a meal for a family
Give hope
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Design Blooms said...

Oh what a perfect way to soak in such a fast passed time of year!! I love the random acts of kindness idea!

Unknown said...

I love your post Patricia, it is the time to just appreciate and give love as much as possible.

xo Mary Jo

Susan McClaskey said...

This is a perfect holiday post. Thank you for putting things in perspective.

Formerly known as Frau said...

Love it and plan on doing each and everyone! I wish time would slow down it really is zipping by! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful list, giving hope and happiness - may have to forgo on the chocolate or take to more window shopping at speed!

Unknown said...

Patricia, you have completely captured what this season should be about. You definitely have your priorities in order!!

Thanks for the reminder of the simple joys in life!!

xo, Elizabeth said...

how inspirational!

I Dream Of said...

What a lovely state of mind -- especially for this time of year. It's so easy to get caught up in the rush, to get overwhelmed by the "to-dos", and forget the joy of every moment. I've been thinking about how to best savor this holiday -- your list sums it up beautifully and is one to live by year round! The perfect note on which to start my day. Thank you.

Diane said...

We should try to live this way the entire year, but it just doesn't seem as intense as it does at this time of the year. I think this every year... Thanks for the reminder. Your posts are always so thoughtful and full of love. Will have to revisit this one.

Unknown said...

Dearest, we must have had a similar wave length of thoughts! Love all your sentiments!


for the love of a house said...

beautifully said Patricia!!


Bruce Barone said...

Thank You for this beautiful reminder.

Anonymous said...

What a great list. It's so true that in the rush of life we have to remember to enjoy every little moment.
Thank you for the reminder.
Hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving.
xo E + J

Emily said...

I love it, and I will join you on this quest! A great focus for December.

kayce hughes said...

Have you seen. Is anybody there? I think that you would like it.

Kelly Kole said...

It's ironic that you post this Patricia. I just had the most insightful conversation today with one of our clients who is 83 years old. She is wise, witty and absolutely delightful. I could have talked to her for hours. Taking the time for moments like that is SO important.