Sunday, November 27, 2011

prep time

Having a place for things in one's kitchen certainly helps with prep time.
My Alessi cruet sits to the right of my stove since I am right handed and serves me well when I am preparing food.  Fresh sea salt and black pepper sit there waiting for a pinch or a grind.
The lovely mushroom topped canister was given to me by a dear friend long before my kitchen renovation began.  It is empty now but I just love having it out.
Time to re-fill the extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, sel & poivre along with tucking utensils bak into 
drawers and vessels.  Knives, mits, tongs, spatulas, wooden spoons and graters are all ready for a good holiday workout.  Having these items all at the ready do aid in speeding up prep time.  Now to get back to my artwork.  I think I need the same sort of set up once I can move into my new studio.

Is your kitchen ready for a holiday workout?  How do you handle prep time when it comes to meals?
I look forward to sharing my orderly baking cabinet stocked to bake holiday treats.


Anonymous said...

That is a nice organization you have going!

Clare C. Whitaker said...

This makes cooking and baking seem sooo much more appealing! Kudos to you and your fantastic organizing skills. You're already to assist Martha Stewart in her cooking endeavors! Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend and Happy Monday!! xoxo Check out Twirling Clare's giveaway this week

Moments and Impressions said...

That drawer makes me drool. Our current kitchen has two drawers total... and together they would neatly fit inside your drawer with room to spare.

I can't wait to see you finished studio. I bet you are itching to get things settled in there.

the gardener's cottage said...

gorgeous patricia. love those organized drawers! i bet you loved cooking in your new kitchen.
i'm a pretty organized cook myself b/c i do so much of it. being organized in the kitchen is essential.

ArchitectDesign™ said...

a well organized (and designed) kitchen - looks like a joy to use!

Kwana said...

Your prep area looks fantastic.

I Dream Of said...

I'm so glad your kitchen is all organized and ready to take on the holidays! Having everything in it's place makes cooking and baking up a storm that much easier. Sounds like you are loving your new space. Can't wait to see the studio!

Unknown said...

Your post spreads a huge smile across my face! Your kitchen is beautiful! : )))
I know you will be as organized in your studio! Soon!
I have learned to improvise in our tiny kitchen and usually cooking for four is easy!
Getting organized in a small space helps me with clutter control.

Have a joyful Monday!

Anonymous said...

I love your organised drawers, my present galley kitchen seems so tiny and narrow - but suprisinly easy to work in. Well as long as its just me in there!

Melissa Blake said...

Wow, I'm so jealous...wish my kitchen looked like that!

Joyce said...

Things are falling into place, just in time for the holidays. xo

Unknown said...

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Summer is a Verb said...

You could fill that li'l canister with tons of folded up inspirational notes, good thoughts or gratitudes and hold your very own personal drawing each night fishing out one to ponder as you cook :)