Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Marching on

Yep, today is the day, the first day of March.
I am constantly inspired by others who live for today.
Meet Kate over at Needled.
Kate suffered a stroke in 2010.
Marching onwards and upwards.
I admire so many for thier spirit and will to carry on in spite of life's challenges.
During the month of March, I am devoted to "motivation!"

How do you stay the course, motivated to march onwards and live for today?
Please feel free to share your motivational tips. Simply e-mail me, pve@pvedesign.com
Note the subject "motivation!"
I am happy to share collectively to keep us all motivated to keep Marching on, knitting, creating, designing, and inspiring an artful life.


Unknown said...

Just read in 'Needled', could not sleep, so grateful to you for having found this sweet woman an her uplifting and dramatic events in her life!
She has a good voice and wonderful reflections on (her)
Motivation: I'll think about it! Just lately I have thoughts on the fleeting time and to use every day to its potential! Make it count. It does motivate me!
Friendships motivate me too! : )
xoxo V.

###### said...

today is the day for a perfect day! HAPPY MARCH 1 to all the PVE readers and of course MS PVE herself! GET IT GIRL!

The Buzz Blog said...

I'm with Victoria - making each day count (you never know what can happen) is motivation enough these days... friends and family don't hurt either! I'm off to read Needled story for more motivation this morning.

quintessence said...

I'm with both Victoria and The Buzz - when you think about how fast time passes, it becomes easier to make it count!!

Party Resources said...

Ciao winter! So glad to put Feb behind us! And yes...stop...appreciate and enjoy the moments.

I Dream Of said...

Hi Patricia, what a great subject to start the month. Let me ponder a bit... Chocolate motivates me. ;-) In all seriousness, thanks for introducing us to Kate, I think the strength I see in others is very inspirational and reminds me to focus on the day ahead.

Divine Theatre said...

I was orphaned as a child and I am motivated by my daughter. My abject love for her...to give her the best experiences I can muster. Experiences that will help her grow and to sustain her should she meet with adversity of her own.

Crystal said...

So glad March is here! It signals a rebirth of the plants and flowers and encouragement for the future. I always feel rejuvenated in March. :-)

Unknown said...

Oh, I can feel we are so grateful for this new month, a turning point toward longer days and Springtime blooms.

I figured out yesterday what helps motivate me....emailing you later! :)
xo E

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

I need to get motivated to get a new job. I know, I know...I just got one. Long story. Best summed up as, "Eek!" ;-)
I also bought myself a ukulele as a birthday gift to myself. It arrived from the Big Island last week and now I'm motivated to learn how to play it!