Tuesday, April 06, 2010

entrepreneurial spirit

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Do you possess an entrepreneurial spirit to build your very own business to take you places?
Do you remember your first lemonade stand?
What was the thrill, making the lemonade or selling it?
Cash is fun, be it small change or big change.
Perhaps your first job was just a scheme to make a bit of pocket money?
It sure beats getting into trouble.
Paper route? Babysitter?

Well, from time to time, an e-mail comes to me from a reader with many questions in regard to advice for starting a business of their own. What an honor to be considered for free advice to readers that want to delve into their very own business venture.

I decided to share some tips for you in the event you may be considering some sort of creative business of your own to honor your "entreprenuerial spirit." Like I said, having your own creative outlet sure beats the alternative trouble. Honoring one's entrepreneurial spirit sure can be so rewarding.

1. If you are partnering to build or launch a business, come up with a meeting time to "hash" out your mission and marketing plan. Make a 5, 1o and 15 year plan.

2. What other businesses do you aspire or dream of being? Make a list or a board of those for inspiration. I like to call it your very own "GPS!" Having a "Guide promotes success" and one is less likely to get lost along the way! Think of it as a map.

3. Will you be offering a "service" or a "product brand?" If it is a product, start by limiting your offering. One really cannot be all things to all people. Either way, personalize your work, be it handwritten notes, a signature wrap or label, something that will catch the attention of your client or customer.

4. Borrow that cup of "sugar." People who ask for sugar, get it. Never be afraid to ask for sugar. I am amazed at when I ask, I always get a yes, or at least I work until I get some sort of sugar. Ask for help! Most businesses begin with "small change."

5. Business cards, a web site, a blog, give-aways all help to make your creative dream into a full fledged business. Remember personal touches are so important.

Do you have a creative desire? Do you have a belief or a mission statement for your business model? Love to hear all about your entrepreneurial self or selves!


Debra said...

All great suggestions here. I will add one more that I learned from my buying days with a consultant. When pricing: Don't assume that because you may not pay top dollar for said item that the next shopper wouldn't. This was huge for me. We may look at something as a simple, perhaps even 'not worthy' of a given amount...the next person may think it the best thing since floating soap!!! Thanks for all of the good tips.
You can add 'consultant' to your shingle.

pve design said...

Ah - yes - price is important and deserves another post! I do hope you will share some of your current "entrepreneurial" life-scapes! They are wonderful and priceless!


Great suggestions here. I'd say it's pretty tough starting out at the moment and I haven't found many people who actually want to give out any 'sugar'. It is exceptionally hard to get a creative business off the ground right now - no-one wants to take risks, so I think your advice about 'keep asking' is really key.

Have a lovely week !

pve design said...

I find the arts are always the last, people will give for sports - we need to change that. I danced and it is intense!

The Buzz Blog said...

Great post and suggestions! I think not losing sight of your dream is so important - there will be a lot of nay-sayers out there who will try to discourage you from starting out on your own. Keep focused on where you want to be and you'll get there!

La Maison Fou said...

So true on the arts connection. Funny how ticket price for games is outrageous and gallery or artistic presentations can be so overlooked.
I wish it were not so; we just had cuts in the budget; in school the first to go is the arts.

Joyce said...

I already copied your wonderful ideas and added to my folder. Your list was wonderful. One of my things (of many) is I always thought would be neat to design paper or fabric. Funny on the fabric sense I can't sew a button. When I use to do more porcelain painting another idea was to come up with ideas and have them produce in volume- but didn't know where to begin. Now to add to my list is photographs. Smile... My list could be endless. I love too many things. Smile... Thanks again my friend. xo

Kwana said...

Such good advice. I've tried and failed at quite a few things but refuse to give up. Persistance is so important.

pve design said...

You can be a sort of "Jack of all trades" and then narrow it down to what you really love and what is most rewarding. On our drive we noticed a sign for a historic man and his homestead, my son googled him and found out he was a mason, a judge, a pioneer, a politician, among other creative talents. I think we may be going back in time, it takes so many talents and skills these days to make a "homestead." Hold fast to your creative dream.

now dear, my mother always told me that "Success is falling and getting back up again" - so get on that bike or that horse and ride em sister! I have faith that you can and will achieve your dream to have a book. I know I will be first in line for a signature and a glass of bubbly.

Joyce said...

Oh my friend I just saw your comments. I am smiling and giggling at the same time because I'm sure I can find enough dust bunnies for you, Debra and my better half. I could just see you three in your cute uniforms and your feather dusters singing away. As I make your lunch and try to keep things tidy since this room was already cleaned. XO

Holly said...

I love how you identified {so eloquently, as usual} the idea of 'asking for sugar' -- you are so spot on! So many entrepreneurs are individualists, doing it on our own, and forget that others actually enjoy helping out, fueling our success!

The Broke Socialite said...

Great post! I have FINALLY figured what I want to be when I grow up and am enjoying watch it take shape. I tried a business several years ago and it failed but I got a whiff of the creativity and autonomy; so it's hard NOT to strive toward that environment again.

Formerly known as Frau said...

All great advice, I wish I had a skill or talent to market!

North of 25A said...

Wonderful suggestions, Patricia - and you have been such a power of example for me! My husband keeps asking when my blog is going to "make money" and I answer him every time that I am doing it for ME.

Nadine @ BDG said...

A brilliant list!

Victoria Thorne said...

What a marvelous inspiration you are! Brilliant ideas -- a complete delight -- and suffused with generosity.

Amazing & lovely that you have shared this.

Maureen Stevens said...

amazing advise Patricia! I especially like the one when u said, ask for sugar. Isn't that the truth? So many people are willing to help. The worst thing that could happen is receiving a "no" but that's not too bad either. It toughens u up in this business world