Saturday, May 16, 2009


Gouache is an opaque paint that is mixed with water to achieve a vibrant and happy work of art.  Normally I work in water-color washed over a micron pen, but sometimes to achieve the saturation of color, I use gouache.  I also just like saying the work "gouache."  One can find it available in tubes or in a cake palette.  The paper needs to be a heavier paper in order to hold the paint.  I enjoy answering any questions that you might have if you feel inspired to paint! 


Joyce said...

How fun just to say the word "gouache"! I love hearing, seeing, feeling, dreaming and embracing your art. I'm all ears. Do you sketch first with pencil and then go over with a marker?

Enjoy! xoxo

hmstrjam said...

i love gouache! Love the saturated look of your painting

Deidra said...

I've never heard of gouache. It is beautiful! I love the rich colors. I think I will find a paint store tomorrow and learn a bit more about gouache!

Thanks so much for the lesson. The painting (as always) is beautiful!

Unknown said...

The paint is just fabulous..I've never heard of gouche..thanks for open my horizons! Love the color of it!

Renae Moore said...

Thanks Patricia....I learned something new as well, I love learning new things.
Happy weekend.

Anonymous said...

Ooooooh I'm in looooooove with this painting, love it, love it, love it!

(about the book: I have written you a few comments about it under some older posts...but let me say it again: Thank you very very much for the beautiful gift!!!)

XX, Carmie.

Formerly known as Frau said...

I love the painting and the colors are so bright and cheerful.

Purple Flowers said...

You are an excellent Artist!!!

pve design said...

The first sketch is done in pencil, light lines - just to mark the shapes, but sometimes to have a "loose" and free look, I just paint! Try it with pencil, just the positive - negative shapes as your guide.

small expectations-
me-ow, do you ever work in gouache.
I think kitty would like it - the saturation for 9 lives.

yes, please try it, it is really fun! If you do not find it, I am happy to send you some, begin with a limited palette, all you need is red, yellow, blue and you can mix all the colors under the rainbow.
(white and black too- if you want)

you will love it! (and your little one too!)
I feel like finger painting with it!

Debra said...

Such a quaint store front-I want to shop there. I have gouach but have not used it yet. It is fun to say isn't it? Just received a box of 005 Microns- heavenly stock-piled!

Rose C'est La Vie said...

The gouache suits your witty style. I love this illustration.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful little store front painting. Did you paint it for fun or for a special quaint.

Tricia - Avolli

pve design said...

I "eat" microns...I just gave my art student a fresh bunch of microns and a red journal!
bask in your bounty of art supplies...

That sketch was done for J.Mclaughin.
I did a series in gouache. I should do a scandanavian scene in gouache for you!

yvonne said...

I love your art so much that I'm actually considering taking a few drawing lessons in the Fall. I've been lingering by the sketchbooks every time I go to a crafts store!

home before dark said...

I love the complexity of saturation and luminosity that gouache can create. I'm glad you haven't lost the fun of saying words. We're over thirty years out from watching Letterman on Sesame Street, but we still love playing that game.

pve design said...

you really are not that far away from me, and I would be happy to give you lessons. start by keeping a sketch journal of things around you. spend time looking. you will be amazed at what you see!

home before dark -
"open sesame" - I still love watching sesame....saying letters and elmo or oscar or big bird..
all my friends.

Ann Marie said...

i adore painting with gouache. we used it exclusively in my color and design class last spring. the saturation of color is the best.

Velvet and Linen said...

Hi Patricia.

Thank you for stopping by Velvet and Linen and leaving such a lovely comment.
Your are too kind.
BTW: just added your blog to my blogroll.
It should have been there moons ago.
Happy Weekend.


Summer Athena said...

i love your work!!!!!!

La Maison Fou said...

I love this technique of painting ....watercolor was one of my favorite classes in school.

Kwana said...

I love the vibrancy of it and your right saying "gouache" is fun!

Maria Killam said...

Stunning, you are so talented!

Karena said...

I have painted in guache, it has been awhile and maybe I should bring them out for a few special pieces! I love your use of the medium!