Sunday, May 10, 2009

the art of mothering

last summer 2008 at Versailles in le Jardin!

leaving Alsace, a beautiful spot, so green, so well tended to.
Sweetie Pie Pumpkin Noodle added me to the list asking me to list the top five things that I love about motherhood.  "Only five" - I think I could list a thousand things I love about mothering.

1.  Falling in love with them the day they were born is at the top of my list.

2.  Talking with them.  Having a conversation.  I remember the first words and the excitement of reading, learning and sharing life together.

3.  Listening to them, and the way they say things.  I remind myself to truly listen.

4.  Seeing them grow from babes, to tots, to teens.  It is all one incredible thing to love every moment and every "phase."

5.  Giving them "Mom" love!  

In Paris, France last Summer!
If you are in the midst of motherhood, please share 5 things you love about mothering. 
(or Grand-mothering!)  Happy Mother's Day Mom!
Happy Mother's Day to each of you!


Deidra said...

Great idea! And you've got a great list! It's hard to pick just five, isn't it? I love...

1. The moment I realized that I like the people my children are becoming.
2. Being able to turn to my adult children and receiving sound advice.
3. Watching my children follow their dreams.
4. The moments when they still need/want to be mothered.
5. When we're all together, laughing and remembering the fun times we've had together.

Happy Mother's Day!

pve design said...

Happy Mother's day to you!

Joyce said...

Oh Patricia I can see you don't take a moment for granted to being a mother to your wonderful children.

Will an Aunt's love count in this post?

The moment I got to experience the birth of my youngest niece be born is a moment that will be part of my soul forever

I love each one of my nieces and nephews deeply as if they were my own and to have them love me back the same.

I'm thankful and bless to have two sisters that held the door open for me to play a big part of their lives. This goes for some close friends who have shared too.

As my nieces and nephews follow their dreams to be able to share the moment and to see what love can create.

To you, Patricia and all the other mothers reading your post today. Many blessings for a golden and happy Mother's Day! xoxo

ticklishfromadistance said...

Happy, happy day to you and all of your readers!

littlebyrd said...

Can I just say ditto to your list or is that cheating?! It's just that I found myself nodding yes, um hmm, yes, etc. love all those things too! Also, cuddling. Happy Mothers Day to you Patricia!

heidi said...

Happy Mother's Day!!! xxooh

Michelle said...

Happy Mother's Day Patricia! just one for me: listen and learn.

Your kids look really happy :) It's what we all hope for.


Purple Flowers said...

Patricia: Your children look like the love you and your husband give them. Each one has a inner glow that comes through.
Happy Mom's Day to you!

Zuniga Interiors Design Studio said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!
I love your work!
Happy Mothers Day!

Zuniga Interiors

annechovie said...

Happy Mother's Day, Patricia! You are a wonderful mom.

Unknown said...

I have nothing to add! That was a wonderful list, and you have a beautiful family. :)

GrannySmithGreen said...

1. I love the way they smell. I could just burry my nose in their hair.

2. I truly appreciate learning from them. They make me a better person.

3. I enjoy experiencing the first with them. I get to see the world in a whole new way all over again.

4. When I look at them I understand what it means to be made in the image of God.

5. Holding their hands is an honor.

Laura Casey Interiors said...

Happy Mother's Day. What a beautiful post!

2 Girls and a Boy said...

A great post!

1. When my daughter first really saw me when she was a newborn. First time we connected.
2. Knowing someone needs you.
3. Patience and humility she has shown me.
4. How TMI doesn't exist when talking with other moms. :)
5. Pure love.

Happy Mother's Day Everyone!

Topsy Turvy said...

Patricia - you are a lucky woman! Happy Mothers Day!


Rose C'est La Vie said...

I can't better the five reasons that you and your fellow bloggers here have compiled. It was a lovely idea to make us think why we adore our kids.

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Happy Mother's Day!!

Brilliant Asylum said...

Sweet post. Your kids are adorable and lucky to have you as a mom. Happy Mother's Day!

Kwana said...

Happy Mother's day to you Patricia. What wonderful pics. Time goes way too fast.

Renae Moore said...

Patricia, Happy Mother's Day!

2 sons, 21 and 23 now...

1. Instant love from the first day I laid eyes on them.
2. Gladly and happily putting my desires and dreams on hold to totally devote myself to them to help grow them into the fine young men they are today
3. being the best cheerleader they have ever had and them knowing I (and their Dad) am always in their corner
4. now that they are young men them coming to me to bounce ideas and share feelings and asking me to do things with them!
5. knowing that I am loved by two of the finest young men I know


gina said...

Fun! Love that idea. Your kids are lucky to have a mom like you. 3 great smiles.

My 5; I love...
1. Snuggling with them so close i can smell their hair.
2. sharing things I loved as a child with them - and watching them experience that thing.
3. making up stories and lyrics, singing loud in the car, giggles, joking, tickling - silly daily fun
4. talking and getting to know each of them for the unique person they are - and I'm glad to know them, and to have a part in the making of this terrific person
5. realizing that my children can be my friends - probably some of the best friends I'll ever have.

pve design said...

Thanks so much to each of you for sharing --
I must admit to loving all the Mom's leaving the top 5 things they love about mothering.

Now, I must ask my children, the top 5 things they love about being a kid. Wonder what they would say?

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti said...

Patricia, your children are as good-looking as you are, no surprise! Top five things about motherhood:
1. Hugging
2. Kissing
3. Tickling
4. Laughing
5. The peace that floods through the house when they're finally asleep!

bluehydrangea said...

What a great post!! Love reading what everyone had to say...isn't being a mom the best? What do I love? Their little voices, hugs, kisses, funny sayings and the fact that they still think I know everything!! Ha! That will change!

Leciawp said...

Lovely post Patricia - hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Maria Killam said...

Your little girl looks just like you! Great photos. I am not a mom so I can't participate in the poll unfortunately.

Jackie said...

Yes, good ones. I love the "listening to them talk". My three year old says the most crazy, adorable things and I love to just sit and listen to her talk to me, or even quietly to her toys. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Happy belated mothers' day, PVE! I loved reading everyone's "five things."

CashmereLibrarian said...

I'm late to this party but I wanted to congratulate you on your beautiful family!

My list:
1. The scent of my children, especially when they were babies but even now as grown men.
2. Watching my children express their own amazing personalities.
3. Having my boys "turn out" despite my rather inadequate attempts at parenthood.
4. Partnering with my husband to raise my children.
5. Transitioning from their parent to their friend.

Kathleen Bowen Ha said...

Thank you Patricia, for leading us to think such sweet thoughts. The gift of motherhood is the best gift, (but that can be a secret from the kids and the Dads).

Five things I love about mothering
The sound of their laughter
The warmth of their embrace
The beauty of their smiles of joy
The insight of their view
The adventure of travel with them

Ree Childs / Realtor / Shop owner said...

Yes, ditto to all five but will add my own:

The first time I held her in my arms after birth.

Running to answer the phone before I could beat her to it.

That first recital and seeing her dance and smile on stage.

Leaving her at the dorm - Freshman year - heartbreaking....

That we are best friends and LOVE going shopping and to lunch together.

LOVE the Paris photos - I'm going this summer -