Tuesday, May 12, 2009

fresh as a daisy

pve design - daisy design - pattern design
Feeling fresh as a daisy after I brought home a fun bunch to perk up my desk!
Then I found this print that I had painted which was printed on "silk" - for ties and other fashions.
pve design - daisy design, used as a backdrop for pve illustrated note-cards
Did you know that a daisy is one of the most humble of all blooms. 
Andy Warhol - Crimson and Pink Daisy pop art!
Other notable artists have also found daisies to be worthy of painting.  Here is one of my favorites by Andy Warhol.  What flower makes your day as fresh as a daisy?

(Thank-you to one of my favorite blooms full of Bliss for her kind post today~)


Kate Coveny Hood said...

I love textiles. That area of design is definitely on my short list of dream jobs.

Your daisies make me feel happy. I could use some happy right now. Maybe a freshly picked bunch of Spring flowers is in order for tomorrow (freshly picked from the grocery store I mean - since I don't have a real garden).

pve design said...

My daisies were from the grocer too. :)

Kwana said...

Love the daisy print so happy. And the sweet birds. I remember those.

Sanity Fair said...

I love that Warhol daisy - much softer than some of his other prints.
Lilies are fresh! I know they're often used as a formal flower, but the scent is so wonderful - they make a home smell alive.

gina said...

It was a fun surprise to hop in on Bliss today - and see a post about YOU!! You will have to get used to the attention coming your way! Talent like yours will not be hid.

Joyce said...

The daisies are sweet and can add a smile any day.

PS I love the wonderful post on Bliss. xoxo

Formerly known as Frau said...

I love Gerber Daisy ! Any flower makes me smile! Have a great Wednesday!

pve design said...

We all need to feel as fresh as a daisy!
Thanks for your comments and your memory.

Sanity Fair,
Ah, hmmmm. Lilies are the most fragrant...
Another bloom to freshen my day with the heady scent.

ah, you are so very kind.
I am learning to accept every ounce of goodness and shine on!

I have a post you will love, I need to post this one soon...it is for you.

I can see your home now, full of daisies!
I bet your Mom and sister would love a bunch too.

Debra said...

You bring "Bliss" to our day~ daisies and all. Sweet fabric, wonderful, bright color! I think Dasies have such an innocent quality to them. Remember..."Loves me...Love-me-not...Loves me..."

Debra said...

Excuse "Daisies" mis-spelling, surely I can blame that one on not enough coffee!

Marnie said...

textile designing next? sweet love birds...

qerat said...

beautiful print
It is so cheerful

And the Warhol piece is one of my favorites

pve design said...

A bunch of coffee
A bunch of daisies
Sounds in order...

I knew you would love Warhol - I met him in NY once and of course he was the man about town, I would see him at the night clubs with an entourage...
I miss those days of NY nightlife...my bedtime is much earlier now...:(

SRA said...

I'm particular to Yellow Daisies myself. I just stopped by today to express to you my gratitude for how beautifully you are sharing your life and your talents with the world around you! There's a smile in Cincinnati...because of you today! I'd say live blessed....but you already are!
L.Schulte, Cincinnati, OH (AKA: Serial Room Arranger)

jae said...

I love those and really love them on silk. I'm off to Bliss to read what I already know about you!

Summer is a Verb said...

Peonies and hydrangea melt all my worries away. Especially, hydrangea en masse against a privet hedgerow.

ps...that daisy silk print looks very reminicient of the J. MacLaughlin ties which made me wonder, are you responsible for those too?

pps...when I'm awakened by root canal pain in the middle of the pm, I take my pain pill and check my blackberry for a PVE early morning comment. Ahhh, then I go back to sleep...

ticklishfromadistance said...

Peony. Always makes me smile.

Moments and Impressions said...

You know that many people will cringe when I say that dandelions make me the happiest.

The mean summer,they have the happiest shining faces, they turn into white poofs that are delicate as lace, and if you catch a poof dancing in the wind we have the tradition of making a wish.

Plus there leaves are edible!

Sorry all those lush lawn growers for whom the dandelion is the bane of your work... I love them.

I had daisies in my wedding bouquet - so they are in a close second.

Michelle said...

My mom's favorite flower! So simple...I love the daisy too :)

pve design said...

I adore dandelions and make tea with them - they have such a way - a pungent odor and the color is so intense.
love to see your bouquet.

annechovie said...

Your daisy print is adorable, Patricia! I love peonies better than anything, although they aren't as readily available as daisies, unfortunately!

pve design said...

I knew you would love peonies.
All the layers and all the pale and pretty pink hues!
So you! :)

Arlene said...

Oh this reminds me of my days when I was in school for my textile and surface design certificate. We had to do a silk scarf design. Mine did not turn out as well, but then again, I'm not nearly the artist that you are. Maybe that's why I knew a career with design wasn't in the cards! Really nice work.

Rachel said...

Daisies are so sweet and cheerful! These week I'm loving lilacs, but I think I have a different favorite flower every week.

Sarah Ring said...

So pretty and sweet - I have always felt daisies are the best "first date" flower. They are kind and lighthearted and shows that the guy that brings them is the same - perfect for a first impression.

LindsB said...

I love picking up a bunch of flowers when I'm shopping at Trader Joes- its a simple way to brighten up my space. Daisies are so pretty and simple, I just love them.

Shani said...

I love the daisy print. A perfect pop of color, especially on a cloudy day like we have here!

home before dark said...

I am sure I wore these designs in the Summer of Love (1969). If you want great vintage clothes, save what you are wearing now for 40 years and you'll look so very in!

Prairie Girl Studio said...

oh my ... i love daisies and love your prints ... they do remind me of some of the prints of the days when i was a little girl ... fresh and happy!

a daisy a day dear,