Thursday, March 19, 2009

sharp suitors

My parents sporting suits in front of my mother's home in Louisville, Kentucky
Meet Paul & Jean.  Paul wooed Jean.  The courtship began with a "blind date" and swiftly they were in love and married.  

pve design, fashion illustration for J.Mclaughlin - a jacket over a white shirt and jeans
illustrated for a ad campaign
Seven children were born along with a family business.  All still growing strong. Fast forward to now.  Sixty years of marriage.  Mom and Dad, you are the best.  I love how you just keep on going, staying positive, perky, loving life and all that comes along.   Just like a well made suit.
Never out of fashion when it is well made, tailored to stand the test of time.

"The Sartorialist" - chic, "shopping your own closet" - re-mix of suits
I am a sucker for things like bound buttonholes and dressmaker or tailor details.
You both suit one another so well and I admire you each day.  My dear Dad still has the suit I helped select for him to wear nearly twenty years ago.  Accessorized over the years to keep it fresh.  Suits truly are a great investment.  They stand the test of time.  I wore a suit that belonged to my Great Aunt Louise on my honeymoon.  A deep navy, a wool ottoman, and a sharp cut, and fab buttons and bound buttonholes.

A Jacket added to jeans and a tank suddenly look dressed up and polished
(Jacket by Marc Jacobs)  This could be an easy vintage find, a jacket and vest.

Spring is in the air, and the time seems right for a classic suit in a lightweight wool.  Perhaps a texture, a pique pattern.  I may not work in a corporate environ nor need a full suit but I do enjoy looking respectable every now and again with a simple suit jacket or a flat pencil skirt or classic suit trouser.  
As I "shop my own closet"- I see old friends, secret admirers and suitors wooing me.
What Spring suitor is wooing you?  Does an interview require a suit?  Love your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Your mom looks GORGEOUS in that picture they look so in love!
Love those old black&white photographs.

My favorite suit is from Victor&Rolf and YES an interview requires a suit.

Great post again Patricia!

gr. M

pve design said...

Yes, you should see her now, she is still a glory and my dad is still smitten.
I have something to send to you.
e-mail me your address.

ALL THE BEST said...

What a beautiful photo. They look very in love.

Debra said...

What a nice story and photo of Mom and Dad. I love the shorter "suit" jackets- with a nice trouser or jeans and of course, a crisp white shirt.
I think dressing nicely for an interview is important-appearing "well-suiited" for any position.

heidi said...

LOVE that pic... you look so much like your Mom!
Re: Interview attire, I have to admit that I've been alot more casual these past few years. More artsy-fartsy, than suitor-suity. The last big big meeting in the big city, I wore a skirt from Anthropology.
Enjoy your day!

Emily said...

I knew that was your mom as soon as I saw her smile! It's wonderful and inspiring to hear their love story. They are well suited.

Deidra said...

Your parents are tres chic! So it's in your genes, huh?

Last year I tried on and passed up a beautiful yellow jacket. I went back to get it the next day and it was gone. I still regret that. So this year I will be searching for it again. Wish me luck!

Today I was excited to finally be able to wear my pick short trench. Yay spring!

Kwana said...

What a great pic of your parents. I love it. I also love mixing a suit jacket with jeans. I saw a woman with the look yesterday and felt spring had sprung. Part of the fun of church is seeing the ladies in their nice suits and sharp shoes. So together.

N said...

My favorite piece - that I don't wear nearly often enough - is a short gold brocade jacket that went over the dress that my grandmother wore to my parents' wedding. I do have the dress, too, so it is a suit of sorts...I love breaking up suits and mix/matching them.

pve design said...

A dear man by the name of "August" worked for my father and he wore "dungarees" with a natty suit jacket and I always thought he looked so classy and soulful.
I just knew it had to be his Sunday best Suit Jacket, fit for everyday.
Love to see that brocade number with jeans.

pve design said...

now show us those suits, those head to toe ladies at church must be something else. Easter is coming so please share some sharp suited "looks"- Lavender head to toe!

Mrs. Limestone said...

I love that photo of your parents! Your moms smile just glows!

Unknown said...

Patricia, your top photo makes me almost teary, your parents are just the bees knees! There are some similar ones in our family album (my mom and her whole clan are also from near Louiville, KY. And of course bound button holes are my thing--I think you might like my new light wool suit (with bound button holes of course).

xo Mary Jo

What Kate Wore said...

Oh, thanks so much for sharing such a fabulous photo, they look so in love, and to learn they are still together warms the heart and boosts the spirit.

And yes, we adore our vintage finds, and the attention to detail rarely found in today's garments.

Love this post!

Michelle said...

I love the old picture of your parents...I have one like that of my grandparents as well, and cherish it.

It's fun to think back to a day where they were our age, with the same concerns, and issues.

I can see the resemblence (in a much younger way- of course)! I guess we really do turn into our parents one day! And look how stylin' they are...seems you got that too! :)

Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I love that pic of your parents!! and from the Satorlialist..sooo chic

Laura said...

What a good looking couple! This is so timely...I have been thinking about a new suit for the past few days. I am coveting a very sharp, semi seventies YSL pantsuit with very angular lapels and a vest underneath. Think I may need to get one made!

Emily said...

such a cool post. i must say that the picture of your parents is my favorite - they look fantastic.

love, Emily

Darrah said...

I can't believe these are your parents! How trendy were they?! I love it.

Brilliant Asylum said...

Aww. Your parents are so cute. (And your mom is a knock-out--even in a conservative suit).

Rachel said...

Your parents are so sweet and stylish! They look absolutely giddy.

Renae Moore said...

It is truly a sweet photo of your loving.

Suits for an interview...hmmm...I imagine it depends on what type of interview. When I interview a potential client, I usually try to wear something fun and pulled together! And of course, my silver bracelets!

Lacey said...

I love the photo of your parents! I adore the timelessness of suiting.

Summer is a Verb said...

I've been fantasizing about the Tory Burch Chanel like Buria jacket and thinking how great that would look all spring worn with jeans. Whether or not this fantasy will be realized is still up for debate...

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

You are speaking my language. I am a lover and wearer of suits. White linen in summer, with spectator shoes!

That is such an exquisite shot of your parents. It is such a gift to have parents in love with one another, isn't it?

Purple Flowers said...

I love the b&w photo of your parents. They look so dapper and most importantly - giddy with happiness.
I have a light wool navy blue pants suit that I love. It may sound boring, but I very often split the two pieces apart. The jacket is sometimes worn with jeans for a casual day and a scarf depending on what I'm wearing underneath. I love the wide leg trousers w/a crisp white shirt or purple striped blouse, or sometimes just a crewneck cashmere sweater. I get alot of use from those two pieces.

Leciawp said...

Your parents are a handsome and happy looking couple! Thanks for sharing that photo with us.

I didn't know you'd done work for J. McLaughlin - congrats!

Rebecca said...

If the suits fits wear it!

I discovered you over the weekend and it was such a joy to find you.



I have always liked old family photographs. I can now see where some of your inspiration is being drawn.

Old family photographs are the archeological testimony of who we are.

Thanks for sharing your family photos.

Joyce said...

This a sweet picture of your parents. I can feel the love and laughter. 60 years together calls for a big celebration. xoxo

jae said...

Not that it hasn't already been said...actually it's been said 30 times already, but I agree....your parents just look so happy and in love and well suited. Also, I love the J.McLaughlin illustration...nice work!

Emily Evans Eerdmans said...

what a snazzy pair! and the apple doesn't fall from the tree, as they say...

suzanne cabrera said...

Great post from beginning to end! LOVE the photo of your parents and the fashion illustration. Both are gorgeous!

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Fabulous pic of the parents!

Call me old fashioned, but I think an interview requires a suit. At least for most (office) jobs. I work at an employment firm and hoo boy should see what people who are here to interview are wearing! I'm not a recruiter...but when I walk through our reception area sometimes I have to do a a double take.

I heard a story on the news this morning about a dry cleaner on 72nd Street who -- every since 9/11 -- has offered to dry clean a suit for free if you need it for a job interview. How sweet is that?!