Friday, March 06, 2009

good gossip - "giveaway"

A little gossip -From the famous "Gossip Girl" (see the ribbon board!)

Years ago when we toured Colonial Williamsburg, one of the "lady" guides explained how gossip was good and very much a part of the day, back in that day. I thought to myself, ya know, it is still good as long as it is in kind. So, on this fab friday, here's a little gossip, good gossip.

mrr design - ribbon memento board (note pve design illustration) ta da!
Marnie creates these fab ribbon boards and frames on the side. She has a real job too. How cool is that to work and then come home to create. Even cooler is that you can have one of these memento boards in your entry or by your command station, you would be just like this famous Gossip Girl. How about a mud room kitted out with walls to display juniors art?

A bright and cheery memento board to come home to from mrr design
A memento board......

mrr design - fab frame giveaway to one lucky commenter...
or a frame is also a nice way of posting notes to significant others, as you see these frames are easy to slip notes or photos or reminders to those we love. After all - little things add up to big things, right. My notes would be things like, take out the trash or do your homework.

mrr design, an eco-friendly board. marnie uses natural or recycled fabrics too.
Perhaps we all need a little good gossip, so if you know of any great shops who need this sort of thing, these frames and memento boards or you have your own at home shop with a back room for gifting like some people I know. I just ordered a dirty dozen frames and one of you lucky commenters, leave me or Marnie a comment or some good gossip and I will pick one good winner on Monday, March 9th. (note mrr design header, is an original pve design!)


kate said...

these are gorgous!! so much better than the store bought...thanks for visiting our blog. best to you , i love your blog
thanks again

Debra said...

Listen carefully- because I don't repeat gossip twice!!! These are fabulous! I'm headed right over to have a peek. I can see lovely green images on birthday cards framed beautifully on these.

N said...

I'm so in on this! You know we've recently redone and that will actually be a wonderful neutral "pop" for me in all my colors.

I see my children's drawings, phone numbers, notes (particularly those adorable ones I get from pve)!

Joyce said...

Good Morning Patricia,

I'm checking in to leave my daily little wish for a golden day!

I'm with Deb, I don't like to gossip, but I just might have to break the golden cardinal and spread the word on these beautiful boards.

rebecca said...

Those are great! I can't wait to go check out her site! Thank you for sharing this. :)

Happy Friday, Patricia!

kari and kijsa said...

Fabulous...Perfect!! Kari is doing her new craft room in her remodel and these would be fabulous!!
kari & kijsa

LindsB said...

These are so pretty! I would love one by my front door for little notes. My favorite one is the natural fabric board, how eco-chic!

annechovie said...

Patricia, you were the one who first introduced me to Marnie a year or so ago! Not only is she amazingly talented, but she is a great person, too. I love all the new designs she is constantly debuting. Have a wonderful weekend!

###### said... didnt hear this from me, but did you hear that Marnie makes so awesome boards? PVE did a post on them today with her fab self...I was just in aww of the talent..shhhh

Kwana said...

mrr designs are so unique. Love her and her blog!

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Oh I love finding out about something new. Love the gossip of course so I'm very excited to go check out her blog. Love the boards that she makes. They are beautiful and would go great in any home. Off to check them out as well.

Jackie said...

These are great! Love the fabric on the green one-so fresh and perfect for Spring! I could list all my spring clean-up chores on it :)

Have a fab Friday and wonderful weekend!

ArchitectDesign™ said...

These are so perfect for a little desk are in the kitchen! I see it right behind the counter!

pve design said...

just knew that you would love this, being a material girl and all. :)

I know, I would love an entire wall, a linen board or even in ticking... I could dream on the things that I clip or tear in hopes of inspiration leading to action!

How's the flame? Did you do the mosaic back splash?
Yes, I could see you loving one of these frames and then marketing it! To market, to market, I go!

There is good gossip- like blogging is sort of a modern day gossip thing, right?
I could see your board with red ribbon, perfect for your kitchen.

yes, are they not the best!
thanks for visiting! happy weekend.

###### said...

I am going to make you my BBFF, yes BBFF? I will email the questions to you as soon as I get home. I cant wait to spotlight you.

Anonymous said...

these are fantastic..and oh, remember when little j wasnt all goth and punk with her wierd mullet and racoon eyes...oh season 1

so glad i stumbled upon this blog.

Leciawp said...

Thanks for the giveaway! I love the memento boards.

heidi said...

Every New Year's, I try to cease my gossiping as a resolution. I never make it more than ONE day ;-)
Also, I LOVE Gossip Girl.

Sabina said...

These are just gorgeous!! I am on my way!!


Anonymous said...

Ooh Dear!! I do not know what to gossip, since I prefer not to and I do not know what else to comment besides the genuine I LOVE THEM ALL!! So, I will leave you for now.....and wait for the verdict.

(Please dear lord, let it be me!!!)

My Notting Hill said...

Love the fabrics she picks!

Marnie said...

wow patricia - i have been swamped all day and just took a look at your blog! What a delightful surprise. thanks for the big pop. my etsy shopped will be full again soon! it is going to be a mild weekend so i will get a lot of time in the "studio" aka garage - great new fabrics for spring 2009. xoxo m

pve design said...

were your ears burning with all this gossip, good gossip about your fab frames and ribbon boards. seems as though you have a few admirers.
be in touch. did you send the frames my way yet? I can't wait.

Marnie said...

patricia - spring line in production - hope to have a baker's dozen ready to send on Monday or Tuesday -I think you will love the new fabrics - thanks a million for the POP xoxo m

The Giveaway Diva said...

wow how amazign!! i would love to win those! I can see it being a nice picture board!! =)

MySanSouci said...

Simply fabulous! The details, fabrics, ribbons and designs are superb! Love it! The perfect accessory for ANY room!