Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday shelf - amazing grace

Sunday is a day to slow things down and to give thanks and thought to the future week. One way to make plans for the week is to gather up all the loose change and roll the coins. Take them to the bank immediately and watch your savings accumulate. It is amazing how quickly coins can add up to dollars. Once you get in the routine of saving, you will be on a roll and work towards something full of grace.
Do you have a proper piggy bank or a spot for loose change? What sort of amazing grace are you saving for?


The Paris Apartment said...

Funny, I just heard that saving $4 a day adds up to over a grand a year. Imagine if you could make it $10 or even $20!

Anonymous said...


Love this post!

Laura said...

Such a wonderful sentiment...I never seem to accumulate change, but am a bit compulsive about my budget nonetheless. I think it's all part of the same impulse...awareness of the small things, and a respect for the things that you have.

Purple Flowers said...

I have a white milk jar with a cork top that I put all my loose change in. When full, I bring it to the bank and use the change machine there to convert to dollars, then deposit it in a separate savings acc't. The money is being saved for a piano.

ArchitectDesign™ said...

I have an old wedgewood sugarbowl on my entryhall table -everytime I come home I empty out my pocket change into it! Then whenever I have to go to the bank, which has one of those coinstar machines, I run it through -sometimes it's just a dollar or two -but sometimes much more! You're right, it adds up!

We Blog Artists said...

Our girls watch their Daddy leave all his coins on the side table throughout the week and ask if they can run them through the rolling machine(we bought a mini coin machine which helps organise all the coins so rolling becomes a sinch)...then at the end of the week it's a small tradition they have with their Daddy to roll all the loose change. Then we take it to the bank and put it in their bank accounts...
Sara should be arriving soon...we were all home ridden for 10 days + and so she's on her way as of last Tuesday!Hope she arrives safely.
Have a great week!

pve design said...

so true - that change can add up to savings over time.
My son tells me that companies make the most money with pennies rounding up the dollars....he learned it in school = so must be true!

hey at least it can buy dog food or treats, right!

budgeting is good too, and stretching dollars and making things from what we have requires ingenue.

Purple -
A Piano - I am hopeful you will have that soon.
I know how much you want that!

of course, you would save in style.

Blog Artists,
We had a coin rolling machine - a small one, it broke from our sons playing with it when they were little. I think I need to get a new one...on sale.
Can't wait for my package.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I am saving for another walk
in Glen Coe!

abby jenkins said...

I have an enormous cognac bottle, over 2' tall, that I accumulate change in, it really adds up! Maybe I'll cash it in this week and buy something extra special in Paris!

summer said...

my husband & i almost purchased a humongous glass jar (so big that it would have to sit on our floor) to keep all of our loose change in.. but then we thought that it would take too long to fill it up, so we decided on a glass votive instead. much more manageable!

Pigtown*Design said...

I am taking the change from an old copper pot and donating it to Feeding America for our April Food Day project.

suzanne cabrera said...

We have a red pig we are slowly filling for a trip to Europe. Along with each quarter that goes in is a dose of satisfaction.