Thursday, May 16, 2013

sweet treats

 A dear friend popped in today.  Not only did I flip, but my dog Bentley goes crazy when she  pays a sweet visit because he knows she is an animal lover and bearer of good treats.  She came bearing these sweet treats.
 I designed the card a few years ago for her to attach to her goodies.  On the back is space to write the recipe or at least a note.  My friend Taina has traveled all over and has an flair for baking and creating treats.
I've been really good about eating as much fresh and whole but I must admit, I had not one but two of these scrumptious scones.  I keep telling her to sell her wares.  It is an art to create such delicacies.
I ordered a dozen.  I'd love to give her some positivity.  Don't you agree she needs to sell her treats?


Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

Sounds like a winning idea to me! And with your design's a no brainer!!
I love scones and those look yummy!

VictoriaArt said...

Yum! They look more the scrumptious! A little treat will do wonders after being good all week!

Acquired Objects said...

Those sconces look wonderful and yes, I vote for selling them too!

I hope you savored every bite!


Sandy at You May Be Wandering said...

Oh wow...those scones look amazing!! She should definitely sell them...I would drive to Westchester to buy some!

Jennifer C. Webb said...

note to self: must find friend who bakes....hungry

MJH Design Arts said...

Yes!! She definitely needs to start a business--they are gorgeous besides delicious. I would even break my no-gluten diet for those sconces--my favorite treat in the whole wide world!!! xoxoxo (Jones likes them, also)

Leslie said...

You are so sweet to show off your friends scrumptious scones! She absolutely should sell her baked goods:) and the wrapping is darling!

Scones are delicious and I'm sure you enjoyed every bite.

xxleslie said...

Love that Taina! They look delicious and love the cards you created for her. It's always so nice to see your creations being enjoyed.

pve design said...

Thanks- Taina will love all of your comments!

Gabriel Savaris Ignácio said...

Oh, it's so lovely =)
Have a nice weekend, honey.

BRASWELL said...

How sweet this all looks(no pun intended). Taina go for it!