Wednesday, May 22, 2013

mea culpa

I need to make an apology to you for my weakness of taking too much on and trying to be too perfect.
My Mistake, my fault, my bad, mea culpa.  I take things on, life happens and then I make mistakes and allow my own faults to mess with me.  I am sorry.
Confíteor Deo omnipoténti
et vobis, fratres,
quia peccávi nimis
cogitatióne, verbo,
ópere et omissióne:
mea culpa, mea culpa,
mea máxima culpa.
Ideo precor beátam Maríam semper vírginem,
omnes angelos et sanctos,
et vos, fratres,
oráre pro me ad Dóminum Deum nostrum.

 It sounds better when I say it in latin.  mea culpa, mea culpa.  mea máxima culpa.
I am sorry. I mean it.

I am not going to let my mistakes define me but I am going to learn from them.  I need to know that I am human and in the future realize that things out of my control, do not determine the final outcome.
Will you grant me permission to make a mistake every now and then.  No, I am not talking mistakes on a regular basis, just once in a while.  I feel better putting this out here.

I also will be taking a blog break as my daughter will be having surgery to remove her appendix which yes, ruptured in February and required an emergency trip to the hospital and a 6 day stay and 3 weeks of school were missed.  Due to the appendix having ruptured, they must wait for the infection to clear before removing the appendix, hence the reason for this surgery.  My 13 year old girl has shown her tenacity, her bravery and her sense of humor and independence.  I her Mother feel so awful that I did not bring her to the Doctor earlier but again, I am not going to let that mistake define me.  It happened.
We are moving onwards.  

mea culpa.
I am sorry.


meenal bishnoi said...

Love your honesty, patricia..we all have flaws..that's what makes us human..but an admission of mistake reflects a strength of that you ought to be immensely proud of. all the very best for your daughter's surgery...xx meenal

pve design said...

thanks so much. your words of kindness life my spirits.
I appreciate you.

Acquired Objects said...

We all make mistakes Patricia because we're human. As for you daughter and getting her to the doctors earlier.....I know from experiance that appendix have a life of their own. My mother thought I had the flu until it landed me in the hospital. Not your fault! I hope your daughter recovers quickly!


pve design said...

I know mistakes and failures teach us lessons. We humans are resilient and my daughter is incredibly brave, round 2, ding!
Yes, we thought it was the flu too and even the Doctor said so....we are all human!
Thanks so much for your kindness.

Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

Patricia remember no one ....NO ONE..IS PERFECT!
We all make mistakes!
Your daughter is very lucky to have you as a Mom who will love and cherish her forever.
Try and believe all of this was not your fault, and now you can help her get well!
So Nurse Patricia we will look for you when all is back to normal......
You are a very special person!!

Sandy at You May Be Wandering said...

Good morning Patricia...we all do make mistakes but don't also make the mistake of beating yourself about things that are beyond your control. No need for mea culpas - you are amazing and we love you.

My thoughts are with your daughter and you as you deals with this are a great mom and with you by her side, no doubt she will heal quickly!

You will be missed by us bloggers in the meantime! xoxo

yuko said...

Everything happens in the way it's meant to be. I, too, made a mistake yesterday, when I saw a bee in my house but didn't take care of it right away (I was busy at the moment), then my 1-year-old got stung by it shortly after. We all make mistakes, and it's okay because we're human - thanks for the reminder Patricia! Sending my prayer your way - hope your daughter recovers quickly!

Purple Flowers said...

Sending you lots of love and a hug.

Formerly known as Frau said...

Sending well wishes and healing thoughts to your daughter. Hang in there Mom you are still incredible ! ((hugs))

Tawna said...

Best of luck to you and your daughter. Thanks for putting this out there...we recently had some custom tables for a design go down very badly. I couldn't get the tradesman to cooperate (I refuse to be mean), his timeline turned into 6 months, and when he finally threw them together, one looked awful. I wanted to take it back and fix it. The client said "I'm done....I know it's not your fault". I've felt bad for days. Lesson learned. My business will be better than before and we'll go on. Things happen, you know? Sorry for the ramble, but it really hurt me.

And as moms....we really need to remember this. The best advice my mom ever gave me: "Take the best I gave you and do better". Her acknowledgement of error plus effort always makes me stand a little taller :).

Kwana said...

No worries PVE. I know your lovely and strong girl will come through with flying colors and I'm sure she's be sprinting in no time :-)

Karen at Home Sweet Hollywood said...

Aww Patricia, you are too hard on yourself. We all make mistakes...we are human. Good wishes and prayers for your daughter's speedy recovery from her surgery. You will both be in my prayers. xo

The Buzz Blog said...

We do hope and prey she's up and running very soon, PVE, and we know she's forgiven you by now so you can go ahead and forgive yourself (one of the hardest things to do!)
C + C

home before dark said...

Love is better than guilt. Doing is better than standing stuck in remorse. Living through bad times does make us stronger. You and your girl are strong and brave. Best wishes for healing for both of you.

Silver Magpies said...

Best wishes for a speedy recovery for your girl. Don't be too hard on yourself!

Leslie A said...

When it comes to children it's okay for them to know that WE {parents} are not perfect. Now that my kids are grown and gone I will say I am still a MOM and worry and blame myself for anything that happens. This seems to be our nurturing nature. We want to provide the perfect shelter and allow only good to happen to our children. If something goes wrong physically or mentally.. is it all our fault? No.. we are human beings all (or most of us) with the very best intentions and love for our children.

Best to your daughter and wishing her a speedy recovery.. and hoping this isn't too stressful for mom and dad:}


Sofia Martha said...

I wish your daughter a quick recover.
Everything is gonna be alright.
I know how you are feeling,one of my twins had the some problem a few years ago.



LPC said...

Oh gosh! We all make mistakes. I truly think and have thought for some time that a key point of life is learning how to notice mistakes, acknowledge them, forgive them, and move on to do better. You have to both try hard AND take it easy on yourself.

Not simple. Lots of hugs and smooches to you. Also best wishes to your girl.

MJH Design Arts said...

My dearest Patricia,
We are human (and it is a sin to think we are perfect or can ever be). I know that James (my son) feels the same way--that he didn't listen to me two months ago when I said I thought there was something wrong with Mia and that they should have her checked out. We are human and that is also what makes us so wonderful.
Sending love and prayers for a very speedy recovery.

pretty pink tulips said...

You are a wonderful mother and there is no way you could have known what was happening to her. She is in good hands now and this will happily be a distant memory one day soon.

Take your time, take care of your sweet girl and take care of you. Don't be too hard on yourself. We do the best we can!

Big hugs,
xoxo Elizabeth

BRASWELL said...

Arms around you & your daughter + no one is perfect but words don't teach! I will be waiting for your return. Take care.

eLIZabeth Floyd said...


Enjoy the break, and care for your lovely daughter and family.

hugs, Liz

Louise @ INGREDIENTS said...

Hi Patricia, there's no need to apologize. You are an amazing mother. We all make mistakes. Wishing your daughter a speedy recovery!!

Sarwat Tariq said...
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