Sunday, May 19, 2013

sunday - hide and seek

Painting by William Merritt Chase - hide and seek
Yesterday we attended a special celebration, a Bat Mitzvah and the Rabbi spoke to us about the game of "hide and seek" and how it can correlate to one's life and living with honesty.  It's true that God watches our every move and we certainly cannot hide from him or ourselves. It is up to us to live our life by owning our actions and not hiding from God.
Take time today to hide and think about what you are seeking in your life?  What are you hoping to find?


Acquired Objects said...

I did exactly that on Friday and my wish came true. God doesn't always answer us in the way we hope but he's always there listening.

Enjoy your Sunday Patricia!

Mademoiselle Michael said...

I think today is a good day for me to get quiet and reflect, pause for what I'm grateful for, but also ask for what I need. Faith really is such an art, a process, and something that I'm always learning.

MJH Design Arts said...

Hi Patricia, Yes, a daily commitment. Honesty and gratitude. xoxox