Monday, May 13, 2013

monday motivation - creative courage

"put 'em up" painting the lion at pve design studio 2013
I am so delighted to share with you a new friendship and a little "put 'em up" monday motivation.

During Storm Sandy, we met each other while juicing up our electronic devices at a dear friend's home who had power and was kind enough to share with many who scrambled to stay connected, fed and in need of a warm shower or meal.  We were all feeling very vulnerable and incredibly sad for the devastation that Storm Sandy left behind and the courage to re-build and start moving ahead.
Yes, Matisse not only had a way with paint, but a way with words and indeed 
"Creativity takes courage."

My new friend shared an image of a colored pencil sketch study of a lion and the desire to paint the king of the jungle on a very large canvas.  I invited her to come to my studio and bring her fears.  The transformation of witnessing another individual face a blank canvas head on and pick up a rag or a big brush and just "start" does take amazing courage.
Perhaps you need a little "put 'em up" or a bit of creative motivation to take time for you, creative time to allow yourself to face your fears and find your creative courage.  I would be happy to help you.  By helping you, you in turn help me.  Creativity is an act of courage.  What is the one thing holding you back from starting to live your life more creatively?


Sandy at You May Be Wandering said...

Hi Patricia! What a great story about how you met your new friend and are sharing your studio space.

Time is probably holding me back...there just never seems to be enough of it.

I hope you had a lovely Mother's Day!! xoxo

Karen Albert said...

Patricia I needed this and would be right there with you if I could. I am painting a bit; however rehab is so difficult I am wiped out! You and Henri are right and I must face my fears!

Art by Karena

pretty pink tulips said...


That is such a beautiful story about creativity, compassion and encouragement. You have a special gift for all of the above. I hope your new friend feels such pride at picking up the brush and creating that fierce lion face. I can tell the finished piece will be amazing!!!

Love that your studio is a place not only for you, but others!!
xoxo Elizabeth

MJH Design Arts said...

Hi patricia, Yes, living life creatively and with integrity takes enormous courage. I am hearing "overcome fears" every where I tread---and that seems to be what I have been doing the last few weeks. Thanks for the encouragement--I'm getting there. Have a wonderful week. xoxox

Francine Gardner said...

Such a true statement. Creativity can so often turn into insecurity...I am speaking for myself here....One has to listen to their heart, their core and take chances.
A lion! I would love to see the finished painting as i just returned from the land of lions in Africa.

pve design said...

Thanks to each of you for finding the courage to leave a comment. I look forward to sharing the finished painting.....

Leslie said...

Hi Patricia,

It's wonderful that you are sharing your studio with a friend and encouraging her creativity. I'm sure the finished painting will be beautiful. It DOES take courage to put yourself out there ~ in all forms of expression. Good for her and I'm sure she appreciated your encouragement!


annette m said...

Absolutely true... creativity and enCOURAGEment. Thanks to you Patricia for the push, your inspiration and generosity.


Karen at Home Sweet Hollywood said...

Awesome story Patricia. Your friend's lion is looking great.

I think one thing holding me back from living more creatively is my fear that I'm not very creative. Is that irony? I'm never sure because what we usually think is irony is really coincidence.

Anyway, I get inspired creatively by lovely blogs with beauty and thought provoking stories, like yours! :) xo

René said...

Such an inspiring story Patricia. Your friend is lucky to have your encouragement and support. I do hope you share her masterpiece when she is finished. I just know it will be beautiful.

Tawna said...

I still get that feeling when I face a blank canvas. Every time. It's so fun to conquer it every time too....sometimes more successfully than others.

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Hello Patricia,

What a wonderful story about sharing, making do and meeting new friends.

I do not think it is that I do not have courage, its that I do not have the artistic ability. I cannot even draw nice looking stick people...

Lately though I have found myself thinking about putting a brush to canvas. I have no idea what would come from it but it would be fun. Perhaps you have a few pointers for a beginner?

Take care, Elizabeth