Saturday, February 16, 2008

Weekend Wanderer - Proud American

Proud American Flags are flying this weekend for the three-day weekend in honor of President's Day.  

American Flags appear in many of my illustrations as well and to me they are symbolic,"proud to be American!" Perhaps if we show that we are proud, the power of positive thinking will fix all the hurt, the economic uncertainty, the strife of the war, and bring us together as one nation in harmony.  Peace to each of you and may you all enjoy this three-day weekend with those you love with pride.  Tell someone that you are proud of them for serving,  for leading, for stepping up to be President, for hanging a flag, or for simply being an good citizen and recycling or simply making a bed.  Pride is as contagious as a smile.  Spread the word and I will be proud of you!

Do you hang the American Flag with pride all year or only on certain Holidays?  


cartoon said...

xaxa! hi!

pve design said...

Hi Cartoon! Do you know Snoopy? He has super powers too - love that red baron! What is your favorite cartoon? Thanks for stopping by!

Tara said...

Right after 9-11, being a New Yorker, we hung our flag up for over a year...yet, the sentiment is still important to us as we have a family friend's son in Iraq!

pve design said...

Thanks for visiting and Happy Presidents Weekend!
Shouting out to all those who are serving in Iraq for
all of us!

Kwana said...

Beautiful thought, Patricia. I hope you and the family have a wonderful President's day.