Friday, February 01, 2008

passion for fashion

Fashion illustration has always been a love of mine and it all begins with great textiles.   This jacket is a herringbone tweed and the edge of the collar is frayed to give it a hand fringed finish.  Her shirt is a crisp cotton and the ruffle borders the front placket as well as the collar to give a bit of femininity to this zig-zag herringbone.  

I did this illustration for an ad campaign for 
J.McLaughlin along with several others that I will post.  


Claudia said...

These are some of my favourite of your illustrations - can't wait to see what else you've done for them.

I've never been to one of these stores, but there is one on the way to Hartford - next time we drive by, I'll stop - their site has beautiful clothing!

Patricia Gray said...

Super illustration!!!

Easy and Elegant Life said...

Wow! Very nice work. I recently bought a copy of "Pourquoi Pas?" magazine for an outrageous price, but I see so little fashion illustration and enjoy it so much (especially René Gruau) that it seemed a wise investment.

I'll drop by our J. McLaughlin store and goggle at your work!

Mary-Laure said...

What a terrific illustration, packed with energy (the orange!) and elegance. Love it.

Octavine Illustration said...

beautiful illustration. i love your work.

pve design said...

Thanks to you all for visiting and admiring my work and saying nice things. Compliments will get you everywhere!

Anna Spiro said...

Patricia - this is gorgeous! Can't wait to see the other ones you have done!