Wednesday, February 13, 2008

1 potato, 2 potato equals charm

Cipe Pineles was an inspirational graphic designer as well as art director back in the 50's when the field was predominantly dominated by men.  She was a friend to many illustrators as well as photographers finding work to be published.  I have always admired the work of many graphic designers as they see things in a pared down way.  It is about the type but it is also about the story and discovering the medium that will illustrate or photograph the images for that story or cover.  
Cipe was austrian and she loved the challenge of using new mediums to portray the story or the cover.  I can only imagine that Cipe must have been in the middle of making a charming potato salad.  


Kwana said...

I love a woman kicking butt in a traditional man's world! Her illustrations are beautiful.

Mary-Laure said...

These are so cool!!!!!! I love old magazine covers.
I can't tell you how much admiration I have for women who stood up and went ahead with their careers in an unwelcoming male world. What freedom we have today we owe to them.

erika said...

lovely! where did you find those magazine covers? they are fabulous! i just tried to email you and it bounced. I wanted to tell you that when I saw those vintage cafe chairs - I immediately thought of you! Not sure why... I guess they screamed "Patricia"! :)
have a great day!

adesignaffair said...

Thanks for the great graphic design lesson! I love gazing at old Fashion magazine covers & spreads as you weren't just buying a magazine you were buying a work of art.